You Never Know Where Study Abroad Will Take You!

Have you fallen under the belief that study abroad is only for foreign language majors? Did you say, “Yes?” It’s okay if you did, but I’ll let you in on a little secret… that’s completely false!

I know, your mind has officially been blown. But there are plenty of USAC Alumni who can attest through first-hand experience that their time studying abroad has heavily influenced them to: start their own business, have an edge in the job market, and even find the love of your life!

The world is simply viewed with a healthy, fresh and new life-lens. –USAC

For all some of us, we find ourselves wanting to hold on a little longer to our cherished memories of “when I studied abroad in _____,”  and for some, those memories turned into action, and action turned into a career path.

One of our USAC Scotland alumna–Tiffany Harrison, currently with–was featured on the Atlas Sliced video blog about her path from studying abroad to a career in international education. You can watch the video below.
Some quotes:

“The more I learned about it[Scotland], the more I wanted to be there for as long as I could be! So a semester wasn’t going to cut it…”–Tiffany Harrison(TH)

“The program itself was awesome. They had a lot of different options as far as where you could live…”–TH

“It was much harder to leave than it was to get there.”–TH

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