What’s USAC’s Newest Program in Reggio Emilia, Italy Really Like?


We are VERY excited about the launch of USAC’s newest program this summer in Reggio Emilia, Italy! USAC Torino student Kaitlyn Lane recently visited Reggio Emilia as part of her internship and told us all about it.


 "I was stunned by the greenery right in the center of the city."
“I was stunned by the greenery right in the center of the city.”

“I had such an amazing time in Reggio Emilia this weekend to explore the city and get an idea of how future students will interact and live there.

I had no idea what to expect before going, all I knew was that it was smaller than Torino and famous/known for the balsamic vinegar, Parmesan cheese, and that the Italian flag was made there. Those alone are key and good to know before going. As soon as we arrived, I was stunned by the greenery right in the center of the city where everyone can enjoy the park, whether you want to walk around, sit in the grass and do homework or take a jog. It wasn’t loud and there wasn’t too many people to get distracted by if you were to take a blanket and lay on the grass to read or do homework. I got the immediate impression that it was a very relaxed city and not a lot of people or even people in a rush.

I really enjoyed how everyone in the city loved to ride their bikes from place to place, it makes it faster then walking, and also good exercise. This would be something I would look forward to coming to live in Reggio Emilia for the semester, I would definitely get a bike for the entire semester I was here, even in the spring semester because after the first month the weather starts to warm up and it’s beautiful to ride your bike from place to place.

"Then we went to the university which was absolutely beautiful!"
“Then we went to the university which was absolutely beautiful!”

Overall, I had an amazing time. I loved the city and how easy it was to find exactly what I was looking for without having to go all the way across town. I loved the diversity of people and how everyone was willing to help you speak Italian and slow down to allow you to understand what they were saying. Everyone was nice and relaxed and it wasn’t overcrowded. I could find myself doing a million different things in Reggio Emilia if I studied abroad here. There are so many museums to go to, so many churches to see, mountains to hike or mountain bike, events being held like the photo contest that is currently going on, the nightlife, and the restaurants that come alive at night with music and stay full of people all through the day. I love Reggio Emilia, it’s a perfect mixture of everything you are looking for!”

We couldn’t agree more! We’re so excited for our summer, semester, and year programs to start this year in Reggio Emilia.

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2 thoughts on “What’s USAC’s Newest Program in Reggio Emilia, Italy Really Like?”

  1. I sent my cv for possible teaching Italian language and culture in Reggio Emilia in the near future…let me know whether you received it.
    i am originally from Forli, a town south of Reggio Emilia and have taught Italian and French in an American university for thirty years! i will be spending more time in Italy in the next few years, so it could be a good fit!

  2. Hi Paola,
    Thank you for your message. To answer your question: I don’t know if we’ve officially received your application. However, I have forwarded your question to those responsible for handling the teaching inquiries. We’re also glad to see the interest in Reggio Emilia!

    We’ll be in touch.

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