What’s on Your Bucket List? Round 5.

BUCKET list hero 2

This world is composed of beautiful and incredible things and everyone wants to be witness to some part of it. Everyone a list of things they want to do, they want to see, they want to experience.

So far, with the help of some of our students abroad, we’ve been able to cross off surfing in the waters of Australia, holding baby pandas, witnessing a performance in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and keeping track of all of the rest of these incredible adventures through scribbles in a journal (or fingers flying across a keyboard).

Today we’re going to be taking a trip to the Patagonian Region in South American. Patagonia covers the southernmost point of South America in Chile and Argentina. The Torres del Paine National Park is located in Patagonia Southern Chile and we’re going to cross off witnessing the glacier-coated mountainous towers reaching up into the sky that the park is famous for.

USAC Santiago Program Assistant, Jorge Molina Zuñiga, had a photo contest for his spring students studying abroad in Santiago, Chile. The students who took a trip to the park submitted their photos to compete against Jorge’s.

USAC Santiago Photo Competition Patagonia Torres del Paine
USAC Program Assistant, Jorge Molina Zuñiga, takes his photo in front of the Torres del Paine in the Patagonia region of South America.

It’s quite the sight to see, so if you find yourself in Southern Chile (or if you find yourself studying abroad in Santiago, perhaps?) be sure to travel down to the Torres del Paine and check it off of your bucket list.

Don’t forget to check back in for the next item we’re crossing off of the Bucket List and be sure to send in what you’ve crossed off of yours or what you would like to see crossed off.  The world is calling! And if you’d like to start off in Santiago, Chile with Jorge, check out our website and find out how you can get started.