What’s on Your Bucket List? Round 2

BUCKET list hero 2

Do you have this burning desire to see the world? Maybe you have some specific things you want to check off along the way.

Our new blog series is going to follow a international bucket list of items students want to accomplish in their lifetimes, and the students abroad who have.

This week we’re checking off “Hold a baby panda in Chengdu.”

I won’t even bother telling you to contain your enthusiasm, instead I’ll just say brace yourself.

Chengdu, China hold panda research study abroad
Jacob holds a panda while studying abroad in Chengdu, China.

This is a photo from Dominique Nelson of fellow study abroad student, Jacob, holding a panda.

Students studying abroad in Chengdu, China have the opportunity to visit the Panda Research Institute as part of one of the program field trips. After arriving at the program site in Chengdu, students will take a city tour of Chengdu and pay a visit to the Panda Research Institute. Once there, the students have the opportunity to learn about the endangered species, see how they interact with each other and their environment and learn about how the pandas behave in their natural habitat. Student also have the unique opportunity to hold the pandas, as Jacob can be seen doing here.

Other field trip opportunities offered in Chengdu include a trip to the DongLa Grand Canyon where the giant panda was first discovered, a trip to a Tibetan village, exploration of the Jinsha Museum where a Chinese archeological site was discovered in 2001, a weekend trip to one of China’s four sacred Buddhist mountains where one can see the world’s largest Buddha and visit the oldest surviving Emei monastery, and many others.

It sounds to me like a place you could check a lot of items off of a Bucket List.

Check out our website and see what other opportunities are offered while studying abroad in China. Don’t forget to check back in for the next item were crossing off of our list. If you’d like to see us cross something off of your’s or if you’d like to show us what you were able to cross off while abroad, submit it to studyabroad@usac.unr.edu.