USAC Wins Go Overseas Community Choice Award!

A celebration is in order! The Go Overseas community has selected USAC as one of the Overall Top Study Abroad Providers of 2021.

Winners of the Go Overseas Community Choice Awards were named by Go Overseas’ community of world travelers, and we earned one of the top awards based on reviews left by USAC alumni. We’re grateful for our students — past, present, and future — for trusting us with their international education experiences. If you left a review on your USAC program in 2021, thank you! If you are a new student searching for your perfect program, you can check out alumni reviews on our Go Overseas listing.

Check out some of our favorite 2021 reviews:

I would highly recommend going to Valencia with USAC. It was my favorite experience I’ve had in my life so far! The program providers made me feel very welcomed in Spain, and the city of Valencia was so beautiful and fun to explore! I will definitely be going back to Valencia/ Spain in the future. It was a convenient location on the Mediterranean Sea and very easy to travel by train or plane. I met so many great people on this study abroad trip and I would do it over again if I ever got the chance! – Rachel, USAC Valencia 

Studying abroad in Reggio Emilia, Italy, truly changed my life in so many ways. Studying in a smaller town was something I worried about in the beginning. My worries melted away quickly with the charm of this lovely city. USAC staff in charge of this program were amazing. They answered every and all questions had my me and my fellow students. Group trips were well planned and always neat and interesting. I had so much fun exploring this town with my fellow students. On the last day of my program, I didn’t want to leave and wished I had signed up for a year program. I met my best friend through this program, we have each visited each other in Ky and Iowa! – Mariah, USAC Reggio Emilia

Going to Gwangju was 2 years in the making when I left for South Korea in February of 2021. Despite the constant concerns about another semester getting cancelled and being stuck back in the US, the program teams both at CNU (the host school) and USAC came through and made the experience so worth the wait. I enjoyed every second there, even cried when I left and now miss my life there terribly. My semester in Gwangju has now encouraged me to pursue going back to South Korea to teach English and going to graduate school overseas. There were so many hurdles to get through because of the pandemic, but I always felt endlessly supported and understood by everyone with my program, and it was amazing to have the opportunity to spend time in Korea even in a pandemic. The locals in Gwangju are some of the most laid-back, caring, and thoughtful people I’ve ever met, and getting to know people was always so much fun even if my Korean language skill wasn’t great. From day one, I felt like I was welcomed by the locals and their immense patience allowed me to dive deep and embrace Korean culture even more. Best. Choice. Ever. — Caitlyn, USAC Gwangju

My time in Alicante was the best year of my college experience. Studying abroad gave me the confidence, friends, and world experience that I needed to transition successfully from school into the workforce. The staff at USAC in Alicante were my family away from home, and even convinced a few members of my group, myself included, to stay for a second semester. I often find myself happily reminiscing on my time in Spain, and wish more than anything that I could relive that year! Take the chance to study in Alicante with USAC, you will NOT regret it. — Mitchell, USAC Alicante

The program was set up in a way where you were able to experience so much of the culture! I explored the rich history of the city through my classes and my free time. I took a class about historical art pieces and we went to The Thyssen and The Prado every week! It was awesome to be guided through these museums by a professor and to learn more than I could have imagined about the art. The classes were small so I learned very effectively and my conversational Spanish skills increased greatly. I left the summer being able to have full conversations in Spanish with locals. The professors really wanted you to learn the language. The staff is very helpful and they want you to have the best experience while abroad. They gave me great recommendations for my travel time during the break and on the weekends. — Sheelagh, USAC Madrid

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