USAC Top Posts from 2018

From scholarships and paying for study abroad to love stories, experiences abroad, and learning about new programs, 2018 was a year full of exciting discoveries about study abroad.

Here are the most read USAC blog posts of 2018.

#1: 35 Scholarships for Studying Abroad

If you’re planning your study abroad, you don’t want to miss a chance at getting your hands on the $2 million we give away in scholarships each year.

#2: 4 Homestay Gift Ideas

Staying with a host family is one of the most unique experiences you can have abroad. However, you never show up at a guests house empty handed, especially one that’s letting you live with them for an extended period of time! We’ve got a few affordable gift ideas you can bring your host family.

#3: Love Stories from Abroad

Sometimes study abroad gives you unexpected experiences, like falling in love! Each Valentine’s Day we love to round-up the stories of love that began from study abroad.

#4: 10 Student Reflections on Internships Around the World

USAC provides students the opportunity to complete internships during their time abroad. These are great resume builders, can be part of your credit load, and will provide you with a first-hand experience in professional industries. These 10 students talked to USAC about how their internships affected their time abroad.

#5: 5 Tips for Studying Abroad with a Mental Illness

If you suffer from a mental illness, you should not be discouraged by study abroad. USAC and our staff have a variety of resources to help you pre-departure, during, and post study abroad. Plus, we’ve got USAC alumna, like Carley, who are happy to provide their experiences and tips for studying abroad with a mental illness.

#6: 4 Places to Study Abroad for a January Sessions

No matter how much time you have to study abroad, USAC has a program option for you. In this article we talk about four amazing locations you can study abroad in over your winter break.

#7: 4 Things You’ll Love About Pau, France

When Ulises studied abroad in Pau, France he fell in love with this quaint town full of surprises that will keep you loving your study abroad every day you’re there.

#8: Black & Abroad: My Experience in Chengdu, China

Cy-Anne shares her experience as a black woman studying abroad in China, what to expect, how to navigate racial differences in a foreign country, and encourages students of color to explore their study abroad options.

#9: Being a Fallera in Las Fallas in Valencia

When will you ever get a chance to participate in a famous festival overseas? During your study abroad! Alexa joined in on one of the most famous festivals in Spain and told us all about her experience.

#10: 12 Things to Love About Poland

When we think about our newest study abroad program in Kraków, Poland we get all the heart eyes. There’s so much to love about this city and this country that we had to put together 12 of our favorite things.

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