USAC revives diversity grant for affiliated institutions

University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), a nonprofit dedicated to creating affordable study abroad opportunities for as many students as possible, has reinstated the Diversity and Inclusion Development (DID) Grant for its 35 affiliate partner institutions to enhance the diversity initiatives of their study abroad offices. The DID grant was previously paused during the COVID-19 pandemic and will be active for affiliated universities beginning in the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 sessions.

This grant has a strong track record for giving a boost to diversity-related projects for USAC partners, including those that provide study abroad research and access for LGBTQIA+ student groups, non-traditional students, first-generation students, STEM students, and student-athletes. It also supported research into students who chose not to study abroad and other related topics.

Support for student populations with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion goals is a driving force behind the creation of the DID grants. According to the US News & World Report, students from underrepresented communities need improved pathways to study abroad. This includes scholarships and grants to provide financial access to life-changing education experiences. 

American institutions reap the rewards of having a partnering nonprofit like USAC to help their students add international education curricula to their academic portfolios. Enrolled students experience global diversity first-hand in their world travels and bring back meaningful stories of their overseas exploration to their peers.

Students enrolled in a USAC affiliate partner are encouraged to contact their on-site study abroad office to learn more. Universities professionals may contact Caroline Anderson for any questions about the DID grant.