Celebrating International Education Week 2023

USAC President’s Message: Celebrating International Education Week 2023

This International Education Week (IEW) means a little more to me this year. I am dedicating this special moment and all the week’s events between November 13-17 to all the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) staff across the globe. You are the heart of this meaningful, nonprofit organization.

In particular, I’d like to honor two cherished colleagues and friends who recently passed away: Andrew Zeiser (left) and Ryan Findley (right). Both were integral members of the USAC family and team, with Andrew in the U.S. and Ryan in France. Fittingly, they represented two complementary parts of USAC — our administrative central office in Nevada and one of our most historic program sites in Pau, France, which opened in 1985.

Andrew Zeiser and Ryan Findley.

Celebrating the important and exciting work USAC does is what Andrew and Ryan would want us to do on this occasion. Both were proud of the caring way in which USAC creates life-changing opportunities for students. They championed our mission to “inspire international learning and engaged global citizenship through affordable, culturally authentic academic experiences.” Even more so, they embodied USAC’s core values of authenticity, adaptability, collaboration, dedication, diversity, excellence, integrity, and impact.

When I think of the colorful worldwide USAC community, I see a large, complex, beautiful puzzle. It is composed of countless individual pieces and each part works together to form the full picture: a vast network of more than 50 study abroad programs that embraces every corner of the world. Each of the thousands of students, alumni, staff, partners, and international education supporters is part of this amazing picture. Regardless of your job or location, you are key to USAC’s ability to fulfill our mission and grow to serve more students. The collective talents of our employees over the past 40 years have laid a strong foundation to serve more and more students on their educational journeys. USAC is committed to continuing this good work in innovative ways and new locations far, far into the future.

USAC’s collaborative spirit is a fitting example of IEW, which was jointly designed by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education. It celebrates the benefits of cultural and academic programs around the world. USAC is thrilled to be a part of this celebration, so please join us as we spotlight many of USAC’s unique features and opportunities both in virtual and in-person events. We will share full-circle topics intended for students, families, partner institutions, staff, and the larger community. Some include:

  • Tips on financing your study abroad
  • Promoting international education on U.S. campuses, noting best practices for study abroad fairs
  • Involving families, faculty, and campus stakeholders to support study abroad
  • Distinctive study opportunities with USAC in India, South Africa, and England
  • Academic highlights on STEM, health sciences, and psychology
  • Alumni panels sharing how study abroad has benefitted their lives both personally and professionally
  • An interactive look at USAC electives via an “Intro to Latin American Dance” lesson

Cheers to USAC’s important, ongoing contributions to the field of international education. Here’s wishing everyone a productive and successful IEW! Together let’s keep building on USAC’s legacy and spreading the word about USAC’s excellent learning opportunities around the world.  

Schedule of virtual events