USAC Named Top Study Abroad Organization of 2018 by GoAbroad and Go Overseas

Double the awards, double the fun! USAC is honored, elated, and down right super stoked to be recognized by GoAbroad and Go Overseas as a Top Study Abroad Organization in 2018! Our favorite part about these recognitions is they’re both based off student reviews from real USAC students who have studied abroad on one of our 54 programs. Let’s learn a little more about these awards.


GoAbroad Top Study Abroad Organization of 2018

For the second year in a row, USAC has been selected as a Top-Rated Study Abroad Organization for 2018 by This award is determined off of student reviews and feedback that were posted during 2018.






Go Overseas Community Choice Awards – Best Study Abroad Provider of 2018

For the first time, Go Overseas decided to recognize the best travel organizations and providers in the world, through their Community Choice Awards: Study Abroad. Go Overseas hosts over 10,000 providers, which means they had thousands of reviews to consider for the awards! Winners were chosen by their 1,000,000+ strong community, based solely on their program reviews.







While there are hundreds of study abroad organizations to choose from, these awards emphasizes USAC’s mission to provide authentic, culturally rich, and life-changing experiences at an affordable cost to students across the United States.

Now let’s see what some of our students from 2018 had to say!

Anthony – Bilbao, Spain

“Everything about this program, from the initial application to the very last day in Spain, was absolutely phenomenal. The USAC staff, both in the US and on-site in Bilbao, are super nice and very helpful. The program sets you up with the basics and provides plenty of advice and guidance while still allowing you the freedom to venture on your own and study abroad the way you want to study abroad. You can have as much independence from the other students and staff as you want, or you can be fully immersed in the program offerings. With that being said, there is an excellent excursion included in the price that allows you to tour parts of the area and learn about the culture and history. In addition, there are many smaller activities (such as touring the local bullring) that occur on an almost weekly basis. Bilbao and the Basque Country is an absolutely amazing area of Spain and along with the assistance, support, and fun offerings from USAC, makes for the perfect study abroad experience.”

Angelique – Prague, Czech Republic

“My time in Prague with USAC was amazing. The food was delicious and affordable, the culture was rich and inviting, and I met so many inspiring people while studying in Prague. USAC had loads of activities to do on the weekends and the program leaders and professors would often come with us, making the program feel like one big happy family. The USAC class sizes were small, which made the courses engaging and conversational.
My time in Prague changed the course of my life. After studying abroad in the spring semester of my freshman year, I switched my major. Living in Prague helped me figure out what I really wanted to do in the future.”

Robert – Santiago, Chile

“Santiago, Chile is a wonderful place to study abroad especially with the USAC program. This was a very exciting and entertaining program from the culture to the lifestyle to the program directors and professors. “

Ciara – Puntarenas, Costa Rica

“If you have never studied abroad…you need to! This experience changed my life, and my perspective about myself and about the world. My host family was so loving and they cared about me more than just a student. My host mom always called me, “Princesa,” in an endearing way! The faculty and staff members at the USAC school I attended were always available and helpful with anything I needed, whether that be finding stores around town, or finding a place to volunteer in throughout my stay. Personally, I had a wonderful experience studying abroad in Puntarenas, Costa Rica through USAC, and highly recommend it to all!”

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