USAC #1 Top Study Abroad Provider

USAC was named #1 Overall Top Study Abroad Provider for 2023 by Go Overseas

Go Overseas, a leading listing and review site for study abroad programs, has named University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) the #1 Overall Top Study Abroad Provider for the third year in a row. This accolade means that USAC stands out as the best international higher education organization on a site that hosts details from more than 13,000 travel providers around the world.

In its methodology, Go Overseas evaluates all the reviews online over the year for quality and high marks. The site attracts more than one million users each month. Community Choice Award winners are selected for the large volume of overwhelmingly positive program reviews.

To earn community choice awards carries the most meaning because it comes from the voice of our students and alumni. The USAC experience matters and this proves it. Our immersive, academically focused program has always stood out in the field for being affordable, inclusive, and life-changing for students. Congratulations to all of USAC’s dedicated staff — from the instructors, the professional staff, and USAC ambassadors around the nation — for each step they take to walk us toward this title once again.

Go Overseas is one of the most helpful resources available to students researching study abroad opportunities. The organization’s work emphasizes that cross-cultural connections play a critical component in achieving a high-quality education. It also offers links to scholarship opportunities and other details to increase access and confidence to explore the world around them.

“Two semesters as part of [the USAC Pau, France program] changed me more than the past four years of university ever had,” University of Idaho student, Hope H., wrote in an online review. “There is no equivalent in terms of cultural, social, emotional, and intellectual growth to being plunged into a foreign country. You simply have no choice but to grow into the enormous space that has opened up around you full of new sights and sounds and smells that you never could have imagined. … You can be who you have always been scared to be because there are no longer any limits. You can say yes to everything. Yes, to speaking a language you’re not fluent in. Yes, to activities and course subjects you never would have tried before. Yes, to field trips to cities you’ve never heard of. Yes, to starting conversations. Yes, to being confident in the face of the fear.”