Bristol leads in research

USAC Bristol host university leads Europe in AI, quantum engineering, and gene therapy research

The University of Bristol, the host university for the University Studies Abroad (USAC) Bristol program, gives study abroad students a front-row seat to watch some of the most innovative research in England — and all of Europe. According to Times Higher Education, the university is leading the world in innovation.

For example, the University of Bristol is one of England’s top universities for AI research and scientific computing. Given their expertise, the government has invested £900 million to build the world’s first large-scale, open AI supercomputer research facility. Known as Isambard-AI, the supercomputer cluster will place students right next to the center of the AI revolution.

Additionally, after more than 10 years of research in Quantum Engineering Technology (QET) by Bristol has led to significant advances in communication, sensing, and computing technologies. The real-world applications of the research have been fully realized through several quantum technology start-ups — including for use in silicon manufacturing, encryption security, reducing toxic emissions, medical diagnostics, and more.

Speaking of the healthcare field, Bristol researchers are using gene therapy close to finding a potential cure for a type of childhood kidney disease. Steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome could possibly be cured by replacing one faulty gene that codes for a protein known as podocin.

Learn more about the Bristol, England program and University of Bristol‘s innovative work online.

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