USAC Alumna To Be Featured In Glamour Magazine

A USAC alumna — Ivón Padilla-Rodríguez — was recently named as one of the “Top 10 College Women 2014” by Glamour Magazine for her volunteer work, academic standing, and hard-nosed determination to make a positive change in the world.


Justine Toro, USAC program advisor, after having worked closely with Ivón Padilla-Rodríguez, said, “I’ve gotten to know Ivón a bit, as we have been meeting to talk about USAC’s Cuba program,” where she will again perform more volunteer work abroad. “it’s obvious she is highly motivated and will be going places!” said Toro.

While Padilla-Rodríguez was on our Costa Rica program, she volunteered to help at-risk children. She also volunteered teaching improvisational theatre to at-risk, low-income Cuban youth at the Loyao Fe y Cultura Community Center in Havana. Toro, says, “Ivón is a USAC Alumna of our Costa Rica and Cuba programs, and will be going on our summer 2014 Chile program as well.”

Here is what Padilla-Rodríguez had to say on Facebook about her recent accolade:

“I am honored to share some very exciting news with you all: I have been named one of Glamour Magazine’s 2014 Top Ten College Women for my work with Spotlight Academy For Young Actors here in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Cuba. (Spoiler Alert!) I’m continuing my work with at-risk Latino youth this summer in Chile while I intern for Chilean congressman, Joaquin Godoy.”

Glamour Magazine has put out a teaser online article on Ivón Padilla-Rodríguez, read the excerpt below:

“Most 4.0 high school students study all night. Padilla-Rodríguez didn’t have that luxury—she and her mother were homeless part of her junior year. Padilla-Rodríguez found refuge in an after-school theater program: “Acting let me take control of something, even if it was just a role,” she says. A friend’s family eventually took her in, and her experience onstage inspired Padilla-Rodríguez to cofound a free youth theater program, where she’s spent 1,900 hours with more than 300 at-risk students. She hopes to be a Latino-rights lawyer—and then a Supreme Court justice. (After she won a major scholarship, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wrote to congratulate her, saying that one day “I may be recommending you” for a job on the Court.)” — Glamour Magazine/Article

Be on the lookout for Glamour’s May issue to be released on April 15th to read the full story!

The University of Nevada, Reno has updated their online news platform to expand on Ivon’s “perseverance, academic success & civic-engagement spark national recognition.”


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Image: Glamour/Online Article