Travel Through Spanish Culture and Civilization on USAC Madrid’s Field Study

madrid-field-strudies-(1)Every semester USAC Madrid offers a four-day, 1-credit, field study trip that explores a distinctive region of Spain. From discovering the very unique Basque Country to the rich history of Barcelona, each semester in Madrid offers something new. (To see if we’re still accepting applications, look here). Check out what 2015 has in store and don’t forget to sign up on your Course and Tour registration form!


Spring 2015

Sevilla and GranadaSevilla Plaza de los Venerables 002

“Sevilla is one of my 3 favorite Spanish cities. While not too big, Sevilla is beautiful and warm with orange trees lining all the streets. The cathedral in the city center is a gothic beauty that reflects the cities old history. The Andalusians may have a thicker accent, but they are some of the most welcoming and friendly people in Spain. We visited the famous Plaza de Espana and rowed boats in the moat in front of the grand castle. While exploring Granada, one of the oldest cities in Spain, we learned of the strong Arab influence that was once in Spain. The old Arab barrios still remained and create a nice contrast between the Arab and Spanish architectures. Visiting the Alhambra was an incredible experience because the palace was built in the 1200’s but still remains a beautiful siteIMG_1400 that overlooks most of the small city. The flamenco shows were phenomenal and we found the best chorizo!” -Natasha Adams Madrid yearlong 2013-2014


  • Four-day, three-night field study
  • Earn one credit
  • $450
  • Deadline: DECEMBER 1 


Fall 2015

 Basque Country 

Playing a traditional Basque game, Pelota, while on Madrid Field Study.

“Exploring the Basque Country was a fun adventure. Walking through the tiny streets in the Old Town in San Sebastian really highlights the history of Basque culture. We tried the delicious pinchos (which are similar to Spanish Tapas but unique to the Basque Country). Bay of Biscay is amazing and something worth seeing. Bilbao was a great town as well surrounded by green hills; we went to the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum to see the crazy architecture of the building, as well as the cool modern art inside. We also learned to play Pelota, the Basque handball game and even made bets with t-shirts, a customary Basque tradition. The Basque Country is really a unique niche of the country that enriches Spain’s various and diverse regions.” -Natasha Adams Madrid yearlong 2013-2014



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