$10,000 scholarship sends two abroad

Thomas Tusher Scholarship sends University of Nevada, Reno students abroad

Two University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) students were recently awarded $10,000 each to study abroad in Bilboa, Spain, thanks to the generous support of Thomas Tusher. The retired chief operating officer of Levi Strauss Co. has committed to make the largest donor scholarship in the history of University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) and is paving the way for eager students to achieve their international education dreams.

The Thomas Tusher USAC Scholarship is funded by a $100,000 donation. Being a nonprofit committed to providing affordable, immersive study abroad programs, USAC matched the donation for the scholarship. As a result, two students every semester for the next five years will receive $10,000 each — that’s 20 UNR students going abroad with significant financial support.

The first scholarship recipients are Isabelle (Izzy) Dalla and Charles (Beau) Bush. Both students are business majors and they will depart for their spring semester abroad in 2024.

“Congratulations to Izzy and Beau, and heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Thomas Tusher for his dedication to fostering global education and cultural exchange in partnership with USAC,” USAC President and CEO Alyssa Nota said. “The Thomas Tusher USAC Scholarship is an apt symbol of empowerment, bridging academic excellence with international exploration.” 

For more information about they ways USAC financial assistance and advice for study abroad programs, visit the USAC Money Matters page.