The two sides of the Mediterranean: Morocco Field Study

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USAC offers a myriad of field studies to supplement what you learn in your courses abroad. In a way, we believe field studies — like the Morocco Field Study — are unique avenues to enrich your academic career abroad through living out experiences.

Two cultures separated by the Mediterranean Sea

The goal of this field trip was to study the historic and cultural links between Spain and Morocco. Alicante, having been part of the Arabic expansion into Spain over the centuries, still reflects many aspects of its cultural influence in its architecture, food, festivities, and more. Likewise, the north of Morocco was part of the Spanish protectorate and the Spanish influence pervades many cultural aspects of Morocco.

Pre-departure Orientations

USAC organized two pre-departure orientations. The first one had an academic emphasis, as we covered history, politics, religion, and cultural aspects of Morocco. For the second one we invited Moroccan students of the University of Alicante to meet and talk casually with our students. The Moroccan students also prepared typical Moroccan food then engaged in a lively conversation that was a wonderful introduction to our field study.

Below we’ve listed students’ stories from the Morocco field study:

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