Thailand: Buffalo Training Camp – Sustainable Development


We were curious about Thailand’s Buffalo Training Camp, and were delighted to see that it’s become a popular piece to the Sustainable Development course offered to those studying in our Chiang Mai, Thailand program.

Jum, our Thailand resident director, has informed us as to why this course is so special, especially from a local’s perspective. Read on below to view Jum’s message to us to share!

“Thailand is not only known as the land of smiles, but is also known as the land of a million (rice) paddies. In this land of a million paddies, farmers are the back-breakers of the nation harvesting and cultivating with their best friends, buffalos! It was such an opportunity for those who are in Sustainable Development course since they were led by Professor Kasinee Gatepayak to the Buffalo Training Camp!

There, our students have learned and witnessed how water buffaloes and farmers work with each other. Moreover, our students had a chance to experience the farmers way of life first-hand by churning the soil, transplanting paddy sprouts in the field using a water buffalo and separating the rice from the husk. Overall, it was such an enlightening, traditional experience that our students will never forget.”

Jum, Chiang Mai, Thailand – Resident Director

“Both knee deep in silky rice paddy mud, the kind water-buffalo shows me how it’s done.” — Abergavenny Whiteford, Sarah Lawrence College

Our new USAC farmers of the Chiang Mai, Thailand Program! [Left-right] Abergavenny Whiteford (Sarah Lawrence College), Jessica Ross (Washington U), Natalie Moorhouse (Minnesota U, Moorhead) and Sims Meyer-Rodrigues (U of Central Florida)