USAC Cuba: Study Abroad in Havana!

Don’t let the horse drawn carriage or the black and white filter fool you. This picture was taken in 2012, calling shenanigans?

Cuba has long been closed-off to much of the world due to its governmental administration, but has recently started to open it’s doors for those outside of Cuba to visit, see and learn about their people and culture. With influences from the aboriginal people, Spanish, to African and even American cultures, Havana, Cuba, has cultivated a colorful and diverse culture of it’s own.

We’ve long awaited the chance to see first-hand what Cuba has to offer our students, and we’re excited to let you know it’s now available as a new study abroad option! –USAC

A few highlights of our Havana, Cuba Program

  • Explore this fascinating Caribbean nation with complex, interesting politics and history
  • Study from the ground level the impact of African, Spanish, and American flavors on Cuban culture and society
  • Enjoy the stunning natural beauty of this tropical island—its beaches and bays, lush vegetation, mountains, plains, and robust agricultural areas
  • Join field trips to significant nearby areas in Cuba
Local Cuban taxi ride.
Local transportation options are a little different than in your home country. Photo credit: Hannah Fortini
Locals sitting on the streets of Havana, Cuba
Local people on the streets of Havana.
Cuban beach with the city in the background.
The beach combined with the close proximity of buildings to the ocean gives Cuba a dazzling landscape. Photo credit: Sarah Helmes

Some more photos in our Cuba gallery.

Are you ready to take your studies abroad to Havana, Cuba?