Teaching English Abroad – A Volunteer Opportunity

Have you considered volunteering during your study abroad?

When you study abroad you’re taking college-level courses in another country, but let’s get real, studying abroad is a lot more than that! Study abroad provides a myriad of opportunities, cultural immersion, and experiences that you simply cannot get by staying at your home university.

For many students, volunteering during study abroad provides a sense of purpose in a new city and is another means of learning outside the classroom.

For students who study abroad with USAC, we provide volunteer opportunities in a majority of our locations and they’re based on the type of work you’re interested in doing. We also make sure to fit volunteer into your schedule to assure that you’re not overwhelmed with work hours in addition to your class schedule. After you apply, be sure to speak with your student advisor or the on-site staff to learn about volunteer opportunities.

In Fall 2016, several USAC students who were studying in Alicante, Spain, took advantage of USAC’s partnership with Haygón College where students can teach English to Haygón College students.

If you’re considering volunteering during your study abroad, read how it’s impacted other students and their experiences abroad.

Johanna Victor

Johanna Victor

Johanna is 22 years old and a native of California. She began her studies in Sociology three years ago at Stanislaus University in California. She is currently studying with USAC at the University of Alicante, where she has taken gender classes with UA students, as well as Spanish language and culture classes. Johanna has collaborated with our school teaching English once a week.

“My experience in Alicante has been amazing. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to practice my Spanish and immerse myself in the culture. I am also happy that I was able to study and travel at the same time. One of the best things from my time here has been tutoring at Colegio Haygón, near the university. I have a class of 17 students around the age of 13. They are all great kids. It has been a great learning experience for both the students and myself. It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to them.”

Johanna Victor tutoring in Alicante

Taylor Caldwell

Taylor Caldwell

Taylor hails from California. She has spent two years studying International Relations and Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno. Taylor has taken Spanish language and art classes during her stay in Alicante.

“My experience tutoring at Haygon was very enriching. It was a great way to gain experience teaching English if I ever decide to do it full time. The kids were loads of fun and full of energy.”

Taylor Caldwell Tutoring in Alicante

Allison Capps

Allison Capps

Allison was born in Alaska. She is currently studying her fourth and final year of Spanish at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. During her stay in Alicante, she has taken several classes in Spanish and literature as well as classes of history and culture. She has also had the opportunity to put into practice her teaching skills by teaching English to a group of students in our school.

“Teaching English has been an eye-opening experience. The students keep me on my toes but watching them grow with their English abilities has been incredible. It has even encouraged me to apply for the TEFL certification and continue my teaching in other countries around the world after graduation.”

Allison Capps tutoring in Alicante

Abbigale Seubert

Abbigale Suebert

Abbi was born in Washington State. She is currently pursuing her second year of biology and Spanish at the University of Oregon. Abbi has taken courses in Spanish, culture, and art during her stay in Alicante. She teaches English once a week.

“Study abroad in Alicante has been one of the best choices I’ve made yet. I was a tutor in a school for a group of 12-year-old students. I loved the experience of forming relationships with them and helping them better their English. It was so cool to see their enthusiasm for learning it.”

Kristina Ptacek

Kristina Ptacek

Kristina is 19 years old and is from Indiana. She studied her first year of Spanish at Arizona State University. During her stay in Alicante, she has taken advanced Spanish and conversation classes. She teaches English once a week.

“I have loved teaching these students. They are all so sweet and eager to learn. I go there every Wednesday for an hour and it’s always such a great part of my week. They like to learn typical English phrases and sometimes they teach me Spanish ones too. It’s been such a great experience and I’m going to miss the kids!”

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  1. Teaching English in gap year is a very good opportunity for a student who really wants to do something good for society, by doing this student will learn about humanity, new culture and people.

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