Studying Abroad in Israel – Shoelaces, Pan Lids & Homework

Week 5

My newest revelation: there exists – maybe – 20 sets of spare shoelaces in all of Haifa, and FAR fewer spare pan lids…!

Over the past few months, the shoelaces on my Chippewa Apaches have become quite worn and frayed – nearly broken – due to continual use/friction. Naturally, I made every effort to stumble upon a vendor who could offer me a set of reasonable replacement laces. I searched in the mall; I searched in the market; I searched in miscellaneous shops. To no avail. In a final effort, I consulted the great wisdom and knowledge of the esteemed Madrich, Alon Eisenman. According to Alon, I should journey to a store in a distant mall called LaMetayel למטייל – an establishment dedicated to outdoor activity. Here, at last, I found a small basket of stock issue, black and white, basic, shoelaces. They will have to suffice.

On the same trip, I ventured into a kitchen appliances store in search of a new pan lid to furnish my apartment’s (quite limited) kitchen. (Unfortunately, the handle on our previous model recently drew its last breaths). To my dismay, this kitchen appliance store only sold lids accompanied by their pots – a much more expensive product – and 24-centimeter independent lids. All the pans in our kitchen are 26 centimeters in diameter. I left the mall in a supremely dejected state. And, as I write this, my search continues.

Now that the semester is officially in full swing, the homework for my courses has increased significantly. However, our assignments are almost entirely reading-based! By and large, I am quite captivated by the material we are covering in class and I have little to no complaints regarding the curriculums of my current courses. Hebrew class, as per usual, is superb.

Noah Falkner is a University of Maine student. He studied abroad in Haifa, Israel in Spring 2018. This article originally appeared on the Haifa International School website.

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