Studying Abroad in Israel – Hiking & Haircuts

Week 3

At last, the Intensive Hebrew Ulpan is over! On Thursday, we took our final exams, marking the conclusion to four weeks of rigorous Hebrew learning. While I certainly enjoy studying new languages, spending five hours per day in a classroom was both mentally and physically taxing. However, in retrospect, the Hebrew Ulpan at UHaifa was tremendously rewarding. My teacher was excellent and over the past few weeks my Hebrew skills have improved dramatically. Now, more than ever, I feel confident navigating the streets – and people – of Haifa.

When I arrived in January, I hardly could have predicted the level of progress in the Hebrew language that I have accomplished over the last month. Therefore, as the international school begins its regular semester, I am excited to embark on another Hebrew journey in Hebrew Level ב!

Last week, my friends and I did a bit of hiking behind the University of Haifa, on Mount Carmel. Mount Carmel offers phenomenal views of the city of Haifa, as well as several interesting historical sites. On our hike, we visited a site where the British had dug out trenches in preemption of a Nazi invasion of Palestine, during World War Two. The history of this region continues to fascinate. While hiking, we almost got lost twice, but thanks to my friend Josh and the trusty Trails application, we found our way back to the University before night.


When traveling abroad, one often encounters fears surrounding the smallest of unknown practicalities – like getting a haircut! I asked Alon for a recommendation and I took a bus to the barbershop this afternoon. The language barrier was evident, and as I sat down in front of the mirror I wondered, “Will the barber understand my requests? Or, will he surprise me with some absurd/abstract local hairstyle?” Thankfully, disaster was averted and I am definitely satisfied with my haircut…I think….

Noah Falkner is a University of Maine student. He studied abroad in Haifa, Israel in Spring 2018. This article originally appeared on the Haifa International School website.

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