Study Abroad Internship Opportunities in Verona, Italy

Study abroad Internships are a great way to immerse ourselves in the host culture, meet locals and practice a second language. USAC Verona is proud to offer many different study abroad internship opportunities to students.

Internships are available on Spring and Fall semesters and they range from 1 to 3 credits, according to availability and needs.

The general eligibility requirements are a minimum GPA of 3.0 and the junior standing at the time of internship.

Here’s a look at just a few of the internship opportunities in Verona.

ARITHMOS SRL (IT, data analysis)

Arithmos Srl is an ISO certified IT company. It provides solutions to clients in different industries, with a specific focus on Life Sciences, with the objective of increasing efficiency in different areas (Clinical Trials conduct, Pharmacovigilance and Project Management).

Activities of the intern: SEO; working with the SalesForce CRM database; implementation of GDPR policies and email campaigns in relation to GDPR; copyediting.

Requirements: IT skills; data analysis skills; proficiency in Excel and Word.

Comments from past students

C. J. – University of Iowa, Fall 2018: “I believe I will use this internship experience in the future back in my country very often because of the communication skills I learned. Being exposed to different ways of thinking is important to learning in the workplace and I believe it makes me think differently and positively as well. My internship at Arithmos has helped me learn more about myself through being put out of my comfort zone. I have learned to be a lot more independent and figure things out on my own. This was very important for me because this is a good skill to have not only in a work setting but also in day to day life.

CROS NT (Marketing and social media)

Cros NT helps its clients integrate superior statistical analysis into their clinical research activities and maximizes the use of modern and innovative technology with a strong network of international experts.

Activities of the intern: Social media analysis (performance and competitors); social media content creation and editing; event management; creation of marketing material.

Requirements: Social media management; writing skills.

Comments from past students

S.P. – CSU Chico, Fall 2018: “From day one, CROS NT impressed me with their organization and positive environment. This strength helped me to not feel confused or lost during the internship process. The positive environment was also a strength. The biggest surprise and learning moment during this internship was seeing my content and graphic design posted on their Twitter and LinkedIn pages. It was a big learning moment for me to see that the work I had put in was useful in their marketing strategies.

K.M. – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Spring 2018: “My experience at CROS NT went beyond my expectations of simply strengthen my resume, it also helped me grow as a professional. Interning at CROS NT was definitely a learning experience for me, due to the complexity of the pharmaceutical industry.

M.H. – CSU Chico, Fall 2017– “At the company, I worked with Mary (Marketing Director) and two other girls in the marketing department. Everyone was wonderful. A big strength was that Mary was very knowledgeable about the company and did explain everything very well to me.

MAATMOX (Communication, education)

Maatmox is a company which plans and implements Educational Experiences through the organization of training courses and meetings. Maatmox enriches the process of learning with experiential activities (outdoor training).

Activities of the intern: Web and blog content editing in English; help with events organization.

Requirements: Social media management; communication skills; great writing skills.

ASHT*ART (Communication)

Asht*Art is an independent studio tailored to Art & Culture, Design & Lifestyle World. It delivers brand development, media relations and digital projects. The vision of Giulia Pordd, architect and Asht*Art owner, is that investing in culture produces value for the companies.

Activities of the intern: Web content editing; press office activities; social media management and production; marketing development; studio assistant.

Requirements: Great writing skills; PR attitude; creativity.

Comments from past students

T.G. – University of Cincinnati, Fall 2018: “Although my internship with ASHT*ART exceeded my expectations, it was not exactly what I thought it would be: it was better. ASHT*ART is the perfect mix of glam and business, which is ideal for a student pursuing a career in marketing. Giulia and her associates are so brilliant and independent and will achieve everything they hope to, but I believe I was a large help during the course of these four months. This internship has sparked a creative side out of me that I did not know I had.

HOTEL (Management, hospitality)

USAC Verona has different partnerships with 3-star and 4-star Hotels in Verona. Each one of these represents a valid solution for both business people and tourists, and is renowned for the excellent standard of its services.

Activities of the intern: Editing of the English website; check in and check out in English; support with the daily activities; front office.

Requirements: Business or hospitality major (preferred); organizational skills.

Comments from past students

Q.T. – UNLV, Fall 2018: “For short term, the internship helped me learn more about Italy and other cultures. For long term, the internship has helped me to broaden my mind, which will definitely help me to adapt different situations in the workplace in the future. I learned many things from the guests and colleagues. I encourage future hospitality students to have this internship.


Chievo Verona F.C. plays in Italy’s major league. In order to offer an International experience to young soccer players from all over the World, they created the International Academy. They manage the football camps as well as courses of Italian language and culture.

Activities of the intern: Support and management of daily activities; research of new partners in the US and around the globe; Chievo International Academy promotion.

Requirements: Social media; time management skills; ability to work independently.

Availability: Spring and sometimes Fall

Comments from past students

J.M. – CSU Fort Collins, Spring 2018: “In my time with the soccer club I had ample opportunity to view business professionals in their environment and see how they worked with each other. Throughout the internship I had the opportunity to develop many personal, academic, and professional skills. The first and most prominent being communication. All in all, this internship did help me develop not only skills for the workplace but also helped me on a personal level. It made me realize the importance of enjoying who you work with and who you work for.

S.T. – University of Iowa, Spring 2018: “This internship has given me a realistic perspective on what an event planning job would look like with a professional sports team. I would definitely recommend this internship to future students who want to go into a communications or event planning career field.


“Marco Polo” high school has a long tradition in teaching foreign languages and subjects linked to tourism and International marketing. “Marco Polo” school is a professional school with 3 different curricula: International Marketing with a focus on languages or economics; tourism; adult education.

Activities of the intern: Help English teachers in class with students from 14 to 19 years old; support in the creation of English projects (English movies, touristic activities etc.).

Requirements: Preferred major in education.

Comments from previous students

C.H. – Michigan Technological University, Spring 2018: “I was able to develop many skills during the internship, including those in presentation, leadership, communication, and developing clear objectives. I have really grown through this experience, and I am grateful that I was given this opportunity. It has enhanced my study abroad experience immensely.

E.S. – University of Cincinnati, Fall 2018: “My biggest surprise was definitely the excitement I received from the students. Some of them told me how learning from me was such a great opportunity for them. This experience I will carry with me into all avenues of my life. It taught me a different perspective of the classroom and the world. I have a set career path right now to work in the criminal justice system but now I know that I have other enjoyable and rewarding options out there. This experience to me was one of my favorite parts of being abroad. I reached all of my goals and more.

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