Students Enter Into Thai Cooking Competition!

We just received a delicious update from our Chiang Mai, Thailand program!

Thai Cooking Competition – Friday, April 11, 2014 at Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University

It was our great honor today to be invited by a Thai cooking expertise “Professor Suneemas Noree” to join the Thai Cooking Competition at Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University, since USAC Chiang Mai Program is affiliated with Faculty of Humanities in 2011. Jay DiFuria, Jacob Logan, Deamann Strefas and Amy Tjio were our lucky students selected to compete in this competition on behalf of USAC Team as their amazing cooking skills were being noticed during the Thai Cuisine classes.

The atmosphere in the competition was full of enjoyment and liveliness. There were lots of people from various parts of the Faculty joining the competition. All professors and staff were wearing the traditional Lanna costumes including our four students that were looking so outstanding in those outfits. The four USAC chefs earnestly cooked the Thai Lanna dishes without any fears of defeat, but gaining more experience in cooking competition and also representing the USAC Program. The only female student of the team, Amy Tjio, punctiliously decorated the food to be displayed to committees nicely and beautifully as well as the men students that professionally made the Northern Thai dishes as if they were familiar with Northern Thai foods.

Though our USAC Team did not win the competition but we were finally being recognized from our distinguished dishes and foreign competitors. Our students really appreciated this opportunity, good experience and entertainment provided by the cooperation of the Host University and USAC Chiang Mai Program.

Jay DiFuria (CSU, Chico) and Deamann Strefas (U Cincinnati) were cooking Thai Spicy minced pork salad.
Amy Tjio (U of Idaho) with her beautiful decorations

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