USAC Students Beyond Borders Podcast: 2021 In Review

In case you missed it, USAC has its very own study abroad podcast!

The Students Beyond Borders Podcast aims to educate future students on the ins and outs of study abroad through stories, experiences, and advice and tips from alumni, USAC staff, and university partners.

In 2021, the podcast surpassed 30 episodes, hit over 1,500 downloads, and featured more than 20 guests and their experiences in international education. As the year comes to a close, we’re looking back on some of our favorite episodes.

Didn’t get a chance to listen? Now’s your chance to catch up!

S2 E2 – How We Met: Alumni Share Their Study Abroad Love Stories

Everyone loves a good love story, right? To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we reached out to two couples who met during their USAC study abroad. We chatted about each alum’s decision to study abroad, how their relationships transformed their study abroad experiences, and what they are up to now.

While falling in love isn’t one of our main selling points of study abroad, we can’t help but want to take a little bit of credit for these relationships.

S2 E6 – What’s It Like Studying Abroad During COVID-19?

It’s impossible to exclude COVID-19 from any conversation about international education these days, and we understand that the logistics of studying abroad during a global pandemic can be top of mind.

To help alleviate some worries, and hopefully clear up some questions, we spoke with two-time USAC alumna, Anna, about her experience studying abroad in Chile in Spring 2020 and returning abroad to England in Spring 2021.

In this episode, Anna talks about what it was like having to leave Chile behind and why she decided to study abroad again, even amidst the pandemic.

S2 E10 – Studying Abroad As An LGBTQ+ Student

To celebrate Pride month and recognize all of our LGBTQ+ students, we turned to social media in search of LGBTQ+ alumni stories. We were soon connected with Christopher who shared his story of studying abroad in Alicante, Spain as a queer, trans student.

We discussed how identity can be viewed differently from culture to culture, safety abroad as an LGBTQ+ traveler, and how making connections with locals can transform your study abroad experience.

S3 E2 – Alumni Reflection: International Experiences Lead To Career Opportunities

We are all about using study abroad to network, develop professional skills, and find your calling and USAC alumnus, Tyler, knows a thing or two about all three.

A participant of the Spring 2020 program in Shanghai, China and our Virtual Internship program, Tyler fell in love with the world of marketing through his international education experiences.

We chatted with Tyler, who is now a member of the USAC Advancement and Engagement team and a Students Beyond Borders Podcast co-host, about how he used study abroad to open professional doors.

S3 E5 – Special Edition: USAC Turns 39!

USAC celebrated its 39th anniversary in September 2021, and we reached out to some of our longstanding team members to hear about their time with USAC.

USAC Central Office staff and Resident Directors shared their reflections on their time with USAC, how the organization has grown, and why study abroad is still important.

S3 E7 – International Education Week Special

We love international education, of course, so celebrating International Education Week every year is a must! This year, we turned to two USAC alumni and friends, Gino and Monte, to chat about their international experiences.

Each alumnus shared why they decided to study abroad and how their time abroad impacted their academic, professional, and personal plans. The conversation was made even sweeter by the fact that Gino and Monte met abroad nearly 17 years ago and have remained close friends.

S3 E10 – How To Optimize Your Re-Entry With Cate Brubaker

Returning home from study abroad is never easy, and processing your experience can feel overwhelming. In this episode, we interviewed Cate Brubaker, founder of Small Planet Studio and re-entry expert.

Cate shares her tips for a smooth transition back home and expresses the importance of reflection and giving yourself space for your feelings when returning home.

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