Student gets published during internship

Riley Bowen kickstarted her career in journalism through 3-credit Italian internship  

Riley Bowen, of Southern Oregon University (SOU) and University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) Viterbo program alumna, completed her 3-credit internship with the online magazine TusciaUp. This was an all-in-one way to strengthen her portfolio and fill her resume with published articles that were viewed thousands of times — both nationally and outside of Italy — before graduation.  

During her internship, Bowen gained professional journalism experience by writing articles and her supervisors saw her progress as a journalist. By learning and practicing valuable time management skills, she met project deadlines while immersing herself in research on assigned article topics. Bowen’s photography and writing skills improved consistently throughout her semester abroad, and she earned a place as a responsible contributor to the online magazine.  
Bowen’s exploration of Viterbo’s history, traditions, beautiful sights, and hidden gems are all a testament to her success as an intern abroad. This valuable real-world international work experience was made possible by her immersion in the culture of her host town and her enthusiasm to both make and share her connections with the people and culture of Italy. 
USAC internships are an excellent way for students to maximize their study abroad experience. Learn more about Viterbo and USAC’s other program locations in Italy on our website.