Six Students Who Should Study Abroad in Bristol

USAC has four programs in England, but Bristol is a hidden gem. The University of Bristol is praised as one of the top universities in the world, but there is so much more to Bristol than its school. From a full calendar of festivals to some of the best food in the country, there is truly something for everyone in Bristol. Still not convinced? We’re running through the six types of students who will thrive during their study abroad in Bristol.

The Artist

If you’re looking for art, Bristol is the place to be. World-famous graffiti artist, Bansky, was born in Bristol so it’s no surprise that this city takes great pride in its art scene – both on and off the streets. Artists and art-admirers will find themselves at home in the booming Bristol art scene and can take advantage of the large number of studios, art centers, and shows throughout the city.

Art work that can be found on the buildings in Bristol, England

The STEM Major

As one of the top 10 universities in Britain, the University of Bristol is a no-brainer place to spend your semester abroad. For STEM students, that means access to an abundance of classes that fit your academic needs. The University of Bristol offers courses in biomedical sciences, mathematics, physics, civil engineering, computer science, and more. If you’re pursuing a STEM degree, a semester (or year!) in Bristol will keep you on track.

USAC Bristol students working in the lab on campus during a study abroad

The Environmentally Conscious

Vegans, meat-eaters, and everyone in between is sure to enjoy mealtime in Bristol. However, Bristol is often recognized as the vegan capital of the world, so the city is no stranger to meat-free dining. For those of you who have dietary restrictions of any kind or just want to make a positive impact with your dining habits (#MeatlessMonday), Bristol’s contemporary food scene has something for everyone. Even further, Bristol was the first British city to be named European Green Capital and there are many festivals throughout the year – including the annual Walking Festival – to celebrate the city’s commitment to sustainability.

Students help plant trees in Bristol, England during a study abroad

The Culture Junkie

Art festivals, music festivals, food festivals… You name it, chances are that the city of Bristol has it. There’s no doubt that a (very) large part of study abroad is immersing yourself in a new culture, but Bristol is a great spot for any student who wants to soak up as much culture as humanly possible. The city’s spirit is infectious, and Bristol residents are passionate about where they live. There’s always something happening in Bristol, often something you’ve never seen before (how many cities host a hot air balloon fiesta?). Don’t plan every weekend before you arrive; chances are new events will pop up on your radar at a moment’s notice, and it’s best to just go with the flow.

Bristol, England hot air balloon over the city

The Novice Traveler

Study abroad can be intimidating, and Bristol is a great location that is just far enough off the beaten path without being too out of your comfort zone. For those who are looking to study abroad in England but aren’t thrilled about the idea of living in the major city of London or aren’t too keen on navigating a language barrier, Bristol is the perfect choice. The good news is that the Bristol program takes students on field trips to various locations around England to help ease you into exploring. And Bristol has its own airport and is only 90 minutes from London, so you’ll be able to venture out to the rest of the UK when you’re ready.

Students traveling in Europe during a study abroad

The One Who Doesn’t Fit Into Just One Category

While Bristol is the right fit for a variety of people, it’s also the ideal spot for students who can’t be put into one box (or that fall into a unique box all their own). Bristol is praised for its diversity and inclusion, making it a great location for just about anybody. In fact, the University of Bristol is home to students from more than 150 countries, so you’ll be sure to make friends from all kinds of backgrounds. If you’re looking to get involved on campus, the University of Bristol has hundreds of sports teams, volunteer opportunities, and clubs and societies for virtually any interest (did somebody say, “Chocolate Society?”). No matter who you are or how you identify, you’re sure to find a home in Bristol.

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