Sisters in Prague

sisters in prague

You know how siblings can be a bit pushy, overly protective, and even downright rude to their siblings? Well, that may be the case most times, but this isn’t one. Meet Jamie and Courtney Weisman, two sisters who both share an experience and deep affinity for Prague, Czech Republic.

We heard about their unique story and asked if they could share what it’s like to be sisters having both lived and studied abroad in the same place. With one of the sisters, Courtney, now working and living abroad in Prague. While the other, Jamie, is currently studying abroad with USAC in Prague.

Follow the links below to hear each one’s take on their study abroad experience and how its led them to where they are now: geographically, in life, and more.

Courtney Weisman, California State University, Chico

Jamie Weisman, Portland State University


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