Short On Time? Study Abroad on a 2022 Spring Accelerated Program

If 2021 isn’t your year for study abroad, that’s OK! Study abroad in 2022 is alive and well, and we’re hard at work rolling out new opportunities to help you fit study abroad into your academic career and stay on track for graduation. That’s where our new Spring Accelerated programs come in! These condensed spring programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad even on a time crunch.  

What Are Spring Accelerated Programs? 

Photo taken before COVID-19.

Spring Accelerated Programs are condensed programs offered in select USAC Specialty Program locations from January to March 2022. Students can take up to 12 credits on-site in some of our most popular locations without having to apply for a student visa in most locations (saving you time, energy and money!).  

Spring Accelerated students will take classes and attend some field trips and optional tours with students participating the full semester program, so you won’t miss out on the fun of a traditional USAC cohort. Courses range from culture and language to business, politics and the arts. This program model is a great option for winter quarter students or anyone looking to fit study abroad into their busy schedule.  

Where Are Spring Accelerated Programs Offered? 

A group of students pose for a photo during a study abroad in Prague with USAC
Photo taken before COVID-19.

When choosing where to launch our new program model, we looked at USAC locations that offer a variety of courses to fit a range of academic focuses and spots that offer a truly immersive experience off the beaten tourist path. The 2022 Spring Accelerated term is being offered in: 

How Do I Apply? 

A USAC student speaks with local monks during a study abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Photo taken before COVID-19.

The application process for the Spring Accelerated Programs is the same as any USAC term. You can learn more about each specific Spring Accelerated Program, including program fees and deadlines, on the “Program Models” page on our website. (Pssst – don’t forget to check out USAC scholarships to help fund your Spring Accelerated term abroad!).