Shanghai Alumni Reflect on their Semester Abroad

Enjoy some quotes shared with us (and now you!) from our Shanghai Alumni as they look back on their experience studying abroad.

“While waiting to see the sunrise, I pondered how my life and perspective of it has changed, during my study abroad and how USAC made this transformation possible. Thank you, USAC!”

-Magaly Duenas ( Univ of Texas, Pam American, Spring’13, Summer’13 & Fall’13)


 “Through USAC, not only have I had experiences I otherwise couldn’t have had but I have also grown towards the independent man I hope to be one day.”

-Vincent Langsy (Central Washington Univ,  Yearlong 13-14)


“Make sure to take a Chinese train at least once! It’s a lot of fun, and you spend the whole time with friends. Don’t forget your instant noodles and playing cards!”

– Lindsey Joe (Cal Poly, Fall ‘13)


“The Halloween party with Language Corner Program was an incredible experience, sharing a lifelong custom with Chinese friends. Everyone had a great time and the cultural exchange was truly special.” -Alex Gilden (Univ of Maryland, Fall ‘13)


 “Halloween in China was great.”

-Bill Kuhar (Neumann Univ, Fall’13)Picture9

“This year’s Thanksgiving with USAC made me thankful for the places I’ve gone, the people I’ve met and new friends along the way.”

– Bryana Spann (College of Charleston, Fall’13)


“This performance  got me a chance to step on the Mercedes-Benz stage and was able to meet other international students from Shanghai University. This might be one of the most amazing experiences that I have to remember in Shanghai.”

                             – Candace Kuhlman (Univ of Arkansas, Spring ‘13 & Fall’13)


“Running the Shanghai marathon was an awesome experience. The 30,000 runners and thousands of spectators cheering “加油” inspired my friends and me to run fast and we really enjoyed our first marathon.

       -Brandon Schmalfeldt (Univ of Houston, Fall ‘13)


“By far one of the biggest rushes I had was climbing the mountain in China. After hours of climbing and hiking in the dark,watching the sunrise from the tallest point in the city of mountains was such a surreal feeling that the only think I could do was lay back and absorb all it’s beauty.”

-Alex Edwards (Univ of Minnesota, Duluth)


“Studying in China opened my eyes to how the people think and live. I can’t wait to return again someday soon. See you there!”

-Craig Bennett (College of Charleston, Fall’13)


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