Ready to Choose a Program? USAC is coming to your campus this spring!

Ready to get started choosing a study abroad program? We’d love to meet with you in person and help get that conversation started: and we’re coming to your campus soon! Keep an eye for details on your campus and/or see your study abroad or international programs office for more details.

1/14/2014            University of Cincinnati

1/15/2014            Xavier University

1/22/2014            Point Loma Nazarene University

1/22/2014            University of Tulsa

1/23/2014            Oklahoma City University

1/27/2014            St Edwards University

1/28/2014            University of New Hampshire

1/28/2014            University of South Carolina

1/28/2014            University of Southern Maine

1/28/2014            UC Riverside

1/28/2014            West Texas A&M University

1/29/2014            University of Texas, Arlington

1/29/2014            University of Louisville

1/29/2014            University of Tennessee, Knoxville

1/29/2014            University of Florida

1/29/2014            University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

1/29/2014            University of Idaho

1/29/2014            University of Maine Farmington

1/29/2014            University of Iowa

1/30/2014            Western Washington University

1/30/2014            University of Maine

1/30/2014            New Mexico State University

1/31/2014            Seattle Pacific University

1/31/2014            University of New Mexico

2/4/2014              Adelphi University

2/4/2014              University of Colorado, Denver + Metro State

2/5/2014              Clemson University

2/5/2014              Saginaw Valley State University

2/5/2014              University of North Dakota

2/5/2014              University of Maryland

2/5/2014              Fort Lewis College

2/6/2014              Grand Valley State University

2/6/2014              University of Houston

2/6/2014              Towson University

2/11/2014            Minnesota State, Mankato

2/11/2014            Portland State University

2/11/2014            University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

2/12/2014            Texas State University, San Marcos

2/12/2014            University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

2/12/2014            Grove City College

2/13/2014            University of Minnesota, Duluth

2/13/2014            Occidental College

2/13/2014            Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

2/13/2014            University of San Francisco

2/13/2014            Ashland University

2/18/2014            University of South Dakota

2/18/2014            Grand Canyon University

2/19/2014            St Mary’s College of CA

2/19/2014            Drake University

2/19/2014            Northern Arizona University

2/25/2014            University of Texas, San Antonio

2/26/2014            Northern Illinois University

2/27/2014            Loyola University, Chicago

2/27/2014            UC Davis

3/5/2014              UMass, Amherst

3/10/2014            Central Washington University

3/10/2014            CSU Dominguez Hills

3/11/2014            Eastern Washington University

3/11/2014            San Diego State University

3/11/2014            Wright State University

3/12/2014            CSU Long Beach

3/12/2014            Washington State University

3/13/2014            CSU Fullerton

3/13/2014            U Mass, Boston

3/20/2014            CSU Fresno

4/2/2014              Texas State University

5/1/2014              Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

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