Ready to Choose a Program? USAC is coming to your campus this spring!

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Ready to get started choosing a study abroad program? We’d love to meet with you in person and help get that conversation started — and we’re coming to your campus soon!

Keep an eye out for details on your campus and/or see your study abroad or international programs office for more details.

Troy University 1/20/2016
Central Michigan University 1/20/2016
University of Central Florida 1/21/2016
St. Edward’s University 1/25/2016
University of Wisconsin–Whitewater 1/26/2016
University of Texas, San Antonio 1/26/2016
University of California, Riverside 1/26/2016
University of North Florida 1/26/2016
University of Southern Maine 1/26/2016
Saginaw Valley State University 1/27/2016
University of Louisville 1/27/2016
University of South Dakota 1/27/2016
University of Iowa 1/27/2016
University of Tennessee, Knoxville 1/27/2016
University of Maine, Farmington 1/27/2016
University of Florida 1/27/2016
University of Idaho 1/27/2016
Western Washington University 1/28/2016
University of Maine 1/28/2016
University of South Carolina 1/28/2016
Seattle Pacific University 1/29/2016
Concordia 2/1/2016
Univ. Of Colorado, Denver & Metropolitan Univ. of Denver 2/1/2016
MN State Moorhead 2/2/2016
San Diego State University 2/2/2016
West Texas A&M University 2/2/2016
University of North Dakota 2/3/2016
University Texas Arlington 2/3/2016
University of Houston, Downtown 2/3/2016
St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2/3/2016
New Mexico State University 2/3/2016
University Houston 2/4/2016
Portland State University 2/4/2016
New College Florida 2/4/2016
Towson University 2/4/2016
University of New Mexico 2/4/2016
University of New Hampshire 2/4/2016
Texas Southern University 2/5/2016
University of Maryland, Baltimore County 2/5/2016
Eastern Illinois University 2/8/2016
Old Dominion University 2/9/2016
Minnesota State University, Mankato 2/9/2016
Governor’s State University 2/9/2016
Fresno State University 2/9/2016
University of Utah 2/9/2016
Northern Illinois University 2/10/2016
Pace University 2/10/2016
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa 2/10/2016
Texas State University 2/10/2016
Grove City College 2/10/2016
Cal Poly International Festival 2/10/2016
Adelphi University 2/11/2016
California State University, Fullerton 2/11/2016
Loyola University 2/11/2016
University of Maryland 2/11/2016
University of South Alabama 2/15/2016
University Arkansas Visit 2/16/2016
University Ark Little Rock 2/17/2016
Humboldt Visit 2/17/2016
Occidental College 2/18/2016
University of Alabama, Birmingham 2/18/2016
Marietta College 2/24/2016
University Cincinnati 2/24/2016
University of Massachusetts, Amherst 3/2/2016
Chico State University 3/2/2016
California State University, Dominguez Hills 3/8/2016
Washington State University 3/9/2016
University of North Carolina, Charlotte 3/16/2016
Central State University 3/31/2016
Illinois State 4/13/2016
Ohio University 4/13/2016
Clemson University 2/2/2016 – 2/3/2016