Q&A: Kimberly Glatz – Bridging Scholar

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Kimberly Glatz from the University of South Carolina, was recently awarded the Bridging Scholarship for study abroad in Japan. She’s excited to continue her education abroad in Osaka, Japan with USAC and has already secured a job to remain abroad after graduation!

Q1: How does studying abroad in Japan fit into your academic career (and/or future career goals)?

I have actually found a job in Japan to start next year after I have graduated, so studying in Japan is extremely pertinent to my future goals. I hope to use this opportunity to further improve my Japanese ability as well as to learn more about the culture before I move to Japan permanently. Additionally, as I am minoring in Japanese, studying here is allowing me to get the final credits I require to obtain my minor.

Q2: What was your reaction to receiving the Bridging Scholarship?

I was ecstatic when I learned that I had received the Bridging Scholarship. One of the most challenging aspects of studying abroad is funding one’s experience. I had originally planned to earn money through working a part time job or teaching english while I was in Japan; however, after having received this scholarship, I decided to make the most of my experience and join University clubs rather than taking up time with a part time job. Studying abroad is a time to fully experience a new culture and, by receiving this scholarship, I knew that I would have more time to take up new activities and absorb the culture.

Q3: What are you most looking forward to doing or seeing in Japan?

I am most looking forward to joining clubs and getting to know locals. I have actually joined the Kenpo club at Kansei Gakuin University. This allows me to participate in a traditional Japanese activity while also making new friends. In addition, I am looking forward to going to Kyoto and seeing on of the more traditional Japanese cities. I actually rented a Kimono with friends one day and went to Inari Shrine as well as a traditional cafe while wearing the traditional Japanese dress. It was a unique experience and I feel that the longer I am here, the more I will be able to see.

Q4: Advice to others seeking competitive scholarships?

I would say that, in additional to demonstrating academic success, it is necessary to show one’s passion when applying for a scholarship.  When writing your essay, clearly demonstrate how your experience will help your future goals and what you hope to learn/achieve while you are studying abroad.

Q5: Shout-outs to anyone you’d like to thank?

I would like to thank my professor who wrote my recommendation letter for me. She has helped me immensely during my time in University and I am thankful for all her support in my endeavors.

Kimberly Glatz


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