Program Spotlight: Prague, Czech Republic

Ahoj! Study abroad in Prague, Czech Republic is a mix of medieval and modern, traditional and innovative, historical and up-and-coming. USAC students will have the opportunity to experience many different aspects of Czech and European life during their time in Prague.

Interested in study abroad in Prague? Keep reading to learn more about one of USAC’s most popular programs.

Best Places in Prague
Students pose at the John Lennon wall in Prague. Photo taken before COVID-19.

Life in Prague

If you picture Prague as a city of red rooftops, medieval architecture, and cobblestone streets, you’d be right! This safe and inexpensive city is bursting with history and culture and offers students an authentic look into the past of the Czech Republic and Europe with access to modern amenities.

The city itself has existed for more than 1,000 years and is home to medieval castles, fortresses, and the oldest university in Central and Eastern Europe. However, it’s also bustling with new businesses, cultural events and centers, and plenty of things to do. Prague also contains plenty of outdoor space to satisfy your need for fresh air.

Resident Director for Prague

Each USAC Specialty Program has an on-site Resident Director (RD) who is responsible for the overall operations of the program, such as student housing, organizing exciting field trips, student support, and more.

Meet the Resident Director for our Prague, Czech Republic program, Jan Stodola.

Meet the Resident Director for USAC Prague.

Pre-departure, you will work with the Program Advisor for Prague, Dominique Nelson. Dominique will help you throughout the pre-departure process with everything you need from submitting your visa application to building your packing list.

Host University & Academics

Charles University, founded in 1348, is one of the oldest universities in Central and Eastern Europe. This university is different than a typical campus you’d see in the U.S. Instead of one campus center, Charles University is made up of 100 buildings spread throughout the city of Prague.

Academic Focus:

Students who study abroad in Prague can take courses in Czech language and European politics, culture, and the arts.

Internships are also available during select terms in Prague. If you choose to participate in an internship, you will be placed with a local organization in one of the following fields:

  • Business
  • Digital marketing and social media management
  • Grant-writing and crowd funding
  • International relations
  • Journalism and communications
  • NGO and social services
  • Research in humanities and social sciences

Field Trips & Tours

Of course, study abroad in Prague wouldn’t be complete without the chance to learn about Prague outside of class and explore the surrounding areas. To help you out, we offer a selection of field trips and optional tours to enhance your Prague experience. Possible destinations include*:

  • Terezín, Lidice, and Litomĕřice
  • Kutná Hora
  • Kamenický Šenov Glassworks and Mĕlník
  • Konopiště Chateau and Historical City of Tábor
  • Vienna and Budapest Tour/Field Study

*The following are possible destinations, view term calendars for specifics. Due to continually evolving COVID-19 regulations some tours and field studies may or may not be available during the term you choose to study abroad.

7 Reasons to Study Abroad in Prague
A student admires her work during a field trip to the glassworks factory.

Immersion Activities

The best way to learn about your host culture is to participate in activities provided by Charles University and within the community. After all, nobody knows Prague like the locals. You can participate in a number of cultural activities during your time abroad, such as:

  • Volunteering with the National Center for Volunteers or the Prague Jewish Community
  • Tutoring English language at a local high school
  • Playing basketball and other sports with Charles University intramural teams
  • Playing soccer or ice hockey with amateur or semi-pro teams
  • Participating in running, jogging, and hiking events throughout and around the city
Prague students at Točník Castle
Prague students smile at Točník Castle. Photo taken before COVID-19.

What Alumni Have To Say

I never would have imagined starting a career abroad before studying with USAC, but I enjoyed my time in Prague so much that it is hard to imagine being anywhere else. I’m now open to going wherever my career takes me and that’s a great feeling. – Alexander, USAC Prague alum

This experience led me to be a more well rounded individual. It taught me how to get along with others who may have differences. It also taught me that taking a chance on something that seems out of character is so worth it! – Casey, USAC Prague alum

Want to learn more about study abroad in Prague? Visit the USAC website for program details, deadlines, and more.