Program Highlight: Study Abroad in Torino, Italy

Study and live in Torino, an exciting, cosmopolitan setting where you will never be at a loss for things to do — an excellent location to study and practice Italian and to experience Italy’s rich culture away from the crowded tourist areas. With one foot in its regal Roman and Baroque past, and the other in its new role in global business and innovative design, this city is the best of both worlds.

Torino was named the first world capital of design for its creative energy and innovative production. Touted as Italy’s most sustainable city, Torino is home to two major parks: the Valentino along the Po River and Pellerina which is Italy’s most extended green space.  As a bustling urban center and Italy’s fourth largest city blends historic charm with big-city vitality. The city offers a wide assortment of sites of historical interest and cultural activities. In addition to miles of parks and the many beautiful piazzas throughout the city, you can explore the Roman ruins, the Royal Palace and gardens of the first kings of Italy, and the first national parliament, among many other spectacular sites. Torino also hosts the largest open-air market in all of Europe six days a week—Porta Palazzo—a colorful, bustling environment dating back to the Roman times.

USAC students take a picture on their host university campus, SAA.


International Business, Politics, Architecture, and Italian Studies

Internships are available


USAC classes are held at the highly respected Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale (SAA), or School of Business Administration, of the University of Torino. The SAA school was recently honored as one of the top business schools in Italy and is an active, international context in which to study. Although the university was founded in 1407, classes are held in a modern, twentieth century building along the Po River, with free wireless internet. The experienced faculty, made up of Italian and international professors, provides valuable diverse perspectives on Italy, its culture, and the international business community. You will enjoy the school’s comfortable, welcoming atmosphere and facilities including a full-service café where you can meet local students and enjoy inexpensive meals. You will find an exciting, challenging academic environment with students from around the world in many of your classes. After classes are over, you can enjoy a walk along the river and park which run behind the school or stroll through the Lingotto shopping center just two blocks away. The school is located in a comfortable tree-lined neighborhood, both residential and commercial. Some architecture/design courses are held at studios in Torino, so students have increased interaction with professionals.

Students pose on a field trip in Torino, Italy.


Torino is known as the “Automobile Capital of Italy” with the headquarters of automobile manufacturers, such as, FIAT, Lancia and Alfa Romeo residing here.


Torino is in a perfect location for weekend travel.  Due to Torino’s location in Northern Italy it can lead students on a multitude of getaways whether it’s to the beautiful Cinque Terre, the fashion capital in Milan, Romeo and Juliet’s fair Verona, through a gondola ride in Venice, or another one of Italy’s most famous cities!  Torino makes it easy.  Students can even hop on a three-hour train and head down to the beautiful south of France!  Experiencing Monte Carlo, Nice, and Cannes!  We also recommend taking advantage of the variety of field trips and tours that are offered to students (listed below) and included in your program fees!

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FIELD TRIPS (vary by term):

Note: field trips and tours are subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions or other factors out of USAC’s control. Refer to the USAC website for the most up-to-date program information.


BICERIN: Step back in time at Torino’s oldest cafe for their classic hot chocolate coffee drink!  You will understand why Torino’s cafes were named Italy’s best. Sip a “Bicerin”—the delicious chocolate and coffee treat—at Torino’s oldest café, which historic royalty and statesmen like Cavour frequented as early as 1763.

PIEDMONT COUNTRYSIDE: Explore the town of Alba and the Langhe wine country area (UNESCO heritage site). You will spend the day visiting the Piedmont hills, which are topped with medieval castles and tiny villages. The famous local wines, chocolate, and hazelnut specialties make great gifts for friends and family. We will be able to try some of these specialties and tour the Grinzane Cavour castle.


IVREA CARNIVAL: Join the Mardi Gras orange-throwing battle along with thousands. Wearing red keeps you safe from being hit by flying oranges! Undoubtedly, this is the most spectacular event of the festivities representing the fight for liberty, the symbol of the Ivrea Carnival. The orange battle is an incredible cultural and goliardic heritage putting the festival on a national and international level.


EUROPEAN UNION HEADQUARTERS: Students in the Economic and Political Institutions of the European Union (EU) course (or similar), and others if space permits, may join a multiday visit to Brussels’ EU headquarters to attend meetings and events with your professor as a guide. You will visit EU facilities such as the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Parlamentarium. Students are often allowed to attend conferences, public and private speeches, and debates.


ITALIAN RIVIERA: We’ll first stop in Genoa—a historical gem of a city—then on to the charming coastal town of Santa Margherita Ligure, where you can enjoy the palm trees and beaches, and seafood and pesto specialties. A short boat ride will bring us to the luxurious, colorful village of Portofino, where the world’s rich and famous relax on impressive yachts. You will have the opportunities to hike the cliffside paths in nearby Cinque Terre which offers dramatic cliffside views.

VITICULTURE BUSINESS FIELD STUDY: USAC organizes a one-credit field study in the fall. Included are at least three visits to vineyards and sales points, comparing small, family-run operations to larger production sites. The course explains winemaking but focuses on business and marketing aspects of the Italian wine industry. It may not be taken for audit. Written projects and readings are part of the final grade.


VERONA AND VENICE: Visit Verona, one of Italy’s most picturesque cities, legendary home of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, site of some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in the nation, including an amazing Coliseum-type arena where outdoor operas are still performed. Explore Venice, the magical floating city of 117 small islands. Take a romantic gondola ride on the magical canals, see the Murano and Burano islands for handmade glass and lace.

Students explore Lake Maggiore.


“My semester abroad was absolutely amazing. I was given plenty of time to travel Italy and Europe, given the opportunity to make amazing friendships with other students and with locals, and given the resources to be safe and successful while abroad. There were plenty of interesting courses that allowed me to satisfy my major requirements at my home university. My housing was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I got to stay in a beautiful Italian apartment, with the sweetest landlord who called herself my “Italian grandmother”, and I was right by the Po river. I didn’t have to set up any of this, my program had it all figured out by the time I got there. I could keep on going! I wish I could do the program all over again a thousand times.” -Emma

“I came into the program expecting to be roaming around Europe essentially on my own. I wanted to see what the world offered, and I had always wanted to travel to Italy, so I decided to enroll in the Torino program through USAC. It ended up being one of the best decisions of my life – as cheesy as that sounds. 

I somehow quickly met amazing people within my program, was living downtown in probably the most ideal spot in the city, and fully felt immersed within the Italian culture. Choosing Torino over maybe Florence or Rome for a study abroad was so overly worth it. I was thrown into a city that did not cater towards tourists, it was probably the most authentic feel of Italy you can get. 
I never felt homesick during my trip abroad. I always felt like there was something to do within the city – whether that be Saturday markets, walks to the park, trips to the museum, bar crawls, shopping, etc. Torino was also in a great location for traveling outside of the country (France and Switzerland are close by). I truly was so in awe of the city and what it had to offer – this experience definitely changed me in more ways than one. Studying abroad opens your eyes to the cultures you maybe didn’t know about or understand. You begin to feel at home. I don’t think you can go wrong with Torino.” – Taylor Teutsch

Students play soccer on campus at SAA.


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