Prague Ranks in Global Destination Cities Index for 2014

A recent update from our Prague Program Advisor, Jordan, to students a few weeks away from their study abroad adventure in the Czech Republic.


Ahoj students,

I hope you have been enjoying your summer, as I’m sure you are busy finalizing everything before you depart (not to mention all the packing and re-packing!). I just want to share a couple of articles about Prague. The Prague Post released an article that, “Prague is 22nd most frequently visited city in world”. Although this fascinating city is still gaining tourists, I think it’s one of Europe’s best kept secrets and you’ll be there in less than a month!

Another article in the Prague Post states that Prague will be implementing chess tables with pieces in five public places in the center of the city this month. They will be smaller than the one pictured below and in the article, but you’ll have to check them out!