Picturing Life Abroad – Top Photos from 2018

Every year USAC students capture the beauty, essence, challenges, and achievements of study abroad through their lenses and we’re here to share our favorite photos tagged with @studyabroadusac with you.

Here are the USAC student photos of 2018 that made us smile, made us wish we were abroad, and most of all made us say, “dang, this is what study abroad is all about!”

#1: When this student captured two beautiful elephants embracing in Thailand, and then took a moment to remind us to be kind to all creatures


#2. When this student captured the unparalleled beauty of New Zealand


#3. When this student made us feel like we were right next to her celebrating Carnival in Montevideo, Uruguay


#4. When this student explored the Royal Botanical Gardens in London


#5. When this student learned to make Spanish Tortilla from her host mom


#6. When the USAC Bengaluru students embraced the Resident Director of the program and we were reminded that the staff and your classmates will become your family


#7. When this student took the best elephant selfie we’ve ever seen


#8. When a group of female students in Bengaluru raised over $300 for sanitary feminine hygiene products for locals and showed the importance of giving back during your time abroad.


#9. When this student pointed out that you’d never catch her wearing this outfit back home, because that’s what study abroad is all about, trying new things!


#10. When this student reminded us of just how sweet study abroad can be.


#11. When these students reunited seven years after studying abroad together in Italy, because the friends you meet abroad will last a lifetime.


#12. When this student captured the beauty of a USAC field trip to Toledo, Spain

When this student captured the beauty of a USAC field trip to Toledo, Spain

#13. When this student perfectly captured a local artist in Torino, Italy


#14. When this student embraced the local culture in Korea


#15. When this student took a moment to take in everything study abroad has to offer


#16. When this student had a moment of serious bonding with her Japanese street food


#17. When this student perfectly reflected on all the amazing things that happen during a semester abroad.


Thanks to our students for another fantastic year of insights into studying abroad. If you want to have your picture featured on the USAC Instagram page or blog, don’t forget to tag @studyabroadusac