Picturing Life Abroad – Student Photos from February 2017

The new year has come and gone and students spent the last month settling into their study abroad programs.

Here are some of our favorite photos tagged with @studyabroadusac during the month of February.

@snoop_ly0ns | Chile


studying abroad is an opportunity for chance encounters of free-spirited, wonderful, adventurous souls

@miranda_ann | Thailand


This sweet little girl sits, dances and smiles at people walking by her moms food stand. I didn’t notice her when I first arrived to Chiang Mai, but now I see her everyday. Their food stand is just down the hill from where I live and tonight when I walked by I asked, “tii-nai” and made a baby rocking motion with my arms in a poor attempt of asking where her baby was in Thai. Only to find out what I already assumed which was that she had gone home for the night.

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@theconstamonsta | Italy



@jennadelaurentis | Chile


hitchhiking in Chile traveling with no plans and going with the flow always gives you the best stories #gopro #studentnomad

@essbon | London


From where the hours, minutes, and seconds of the world are set – Royal Observatory in Greenwich

@kaycesinger | Costa Rica


Yo extraño las junglas densas de Costa Rica que siempre parecen están respirando. | I miss the dense jungles of Costa Rica that always seem to be breathing.

@hannah_delia | Italy


They told us not to spend our money on a gondola, we did it anyway

@bailey_in_europe | Krakow


Horse-drawn carriages lined up in front of St Mary’s Basilica // Old Town Kraków

@kaitlynnhaney | France


I wish there was a word to describe how terrifying yet exhilarating today was

@foremmaforevrago | Costa Rica


Mi lugar favorito es mejor con algunas de mis personas favoritas. Gracias por sus buenas vibras y amistad mágica

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