Picturing Life Abroad – September 2017

As Fall semester students get settled into their new routine abroad, the pictures are flowing in. Each month it gets more and more difficult to select our favorite photos tagged with @studyabroadusac. However, while looking at endless beautiful photos from around the world is tough, someone has to do it!

For a chance to have your photos featured on our blog and website, tag @studyabroadusac. For now, here’s a little taste of what our Fall 2017 students have been up to during the month of September.

@hakunamaatallah | Montevideo, Uruguay

6,000 miles from home and you can still catch people taking Snapchat selfies with pretty sunsets.

@a_schoeck | London, England

made it down to the english seaside.. no pictures can do it justice. | seven sisters country park.

@smriti_chhabra | Bangalore, India

Trip to a silk thread colour dying factory.

@becca_chong_photography | Reggio-Emilia, Italy

Still in awe of our school fieldtrip to three amazing places this past weekend 🇮🇹🇸🇲
Lola – Ravenna, Italy

@damontephotography | Cork, Ireland

My temporary home for the next few months! Prepare to see a lot of green! ☘️

@jennadelaurentis | Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Money? Not important for us. Spirit, energy, unity, and family is important to us. All of us, as people, are the same equals. No difference. We are the same blood.” -Wim, a very happy man, member of the Hmong Hill Tribe in northern Thailand. 🇹🇭 Such an inspiring and incredible weekend spent learning and understanding about the Hmong peoples in Mae Sa Mai village. ❤ If everyone could think like Wim, I could only imagine what our world would be like. #traveldeeper🌏

@sav.new | Seoul, Korea

1) look 2) smell 3) taste. Traditional tea ceremony class

@jazzlikejupiter | Costa Rica

Awe, wonder, etc. 🌿#usacstudyabroad#gilmanscholarship#usaccostarica#loveandlight

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