Pictures Worth a Thousand Adventures

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“Just Keep Swimming…” 🐠 📷: @taliapellegrino #australia #wherewillyougo

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So many students doing so many cool things during their time abroad!

But it doesn’t end there! Some of our programs abroad have started their own Instagram pages too.


Here’s what’s been happening in Viterbo, Italy:

If that isn’t a view you want to see, I don’t know what is!


And in Reggio Emilia, Italy this is the view you get every day. 

It’s like walking through a dream.


Bilbao, Spain is looking pretty nice from this view in the water too. 

Kayaking on the river by the Guggenheim 🚣 #usacbilbao #wherewillyougo

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I’m getting my kayak ready…


And their neighbors in San Sebastian, Spain don’t look to be having too bad a time either. 

Taking surfing classes

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Count me in!


Alicante, Spain is joining us in the water.

Come sail away…


Still haven’t gotten your fix of the great outdoors? Check out Florianópolis, Brazil

There’s adventure to be had out there!


Even (read: especially) in Lyon, France.

The Alps, le sigh. *eye-heart emoji*


Wherever you go, there’s plenty to see and do. So seize the day! Go out and experience everything the world has to offer.

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Bon Voyage!