USAC Around the World Photo Contest Winners


You’ve seen the world, now show us!

We’ve been looking for the best photos from around the world. Photos that are unique, show the impact study abroad can have on an individual or a community, or just epitomize life abroad—we want them all!

After receiving over 2,000 photos, we picked our top 10.  Here they are!

1st Place

Santiago, Chile, Study Abroad, Immersion
The Fish Hut

“Studying abroad is all about the little moments. It is about the daily conversations with the little old fruit lady selling apples on the street corner. It is about those funny, awkward laughs shared when you have no idea what your host mom just told you in rapid Spanish. It is about the smell of fresh summer roses on your walk to school.

This photo is of a colorful fish hut on the Chilean coast. I love this photo because it shows a real picture of life abroad. A happy local, a fresh market, and a curious USAC student ready to explore a new culture. While my study abroad experience has included memories such as visiting world-class cities and monuments, I find that the smallest moments, such as this afternoon walk by the fish stand, are the most special.”

— Jenna DeLaurentis

Santiago, Chile

Spring 2017

2nd Place

Chiang Mai, Thailand, Monk, Blessing, Study Abroad
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Monk Blessing

“A classmate, Cally Schmitt, received a blessing from a monk at Wat Phra That. He tied a simple cotton string around her wrist and sprinkled water on her head.”

— Rebekah Glebe

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Fall 2015

3rd Place

Nuremberg, Germany, Christmas, Christmas Markets,
Christmas Market, Nuremberg, Germany

— Stella Kim

Prague, Czech Republic

Fall 2016

4th Place

Study Abroad, Norway
Hike in Tromsø, Norway

“Went hiking with a few friends in beautiful Tromsø, Norway in Winter 2017.” 

— Rebecca Bretz

Oslo, Norway

Spring 2017

5th Place

Stellenbosch, South Africa, Study Abroad, VCE
Voluntarism and Community Engagement (VCE) Program

“Children who love to pose at a local primary school in Stellenbosch, where others and I participate in The Volunteering Community Engagement Program.”

— Ryan Cummins

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Spring 2017

Honorable Mention

City Center,Torino, Italy, Study Abroad
City Center – Torino

“Blissful day exploring the city I was fortunate enough to call home for 4 months. Torino’s city center is constantly filled with something new and entertaining.”

— Ashley Scott

Torino, Italy,

Fall 2014

Honorable Mention

Chiang Mai, Thailand, Study Abroad
Laughs and Lanterns

“The annual paper lantern festival in Chiang Mai was the visual highlight of the entire Study Abroad Program. Miranda and Rachel are nothing but smiles as they launch their first lantern into the city.”

— Ashley Vong

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Fall 2014

Honorable Mention

Bangalore, India, Study Abroad
Ethnic Day, Christ University

“Engaging with a band in celebration of Christ University’s Ethnic Day in Bangalore, India, during our Fall 2015 semester abroad.”

— Hannah Samuel

Bangalore, India

Fall 2015

Honorable Mention

Madrid, Morocco, field study, Tour, study abroad
A Different Way of Life, Chefchauen

“In this photo, I was traveling around Morocco with five of my good friends. Clair, Mattie, Carter, Katie, Katherine. We flew into Tangier and took a bus around the country to see the Blue City, aka Chefchaoen, during our spring semester abroad in Madrid, Spain.”

— JoAnne Peters

Madrid, Spain

Spring 2017

Honorable Mention

Prague, Czech Republic, Study Abroad
Hamster Balls, Prague River

“Hamster Balls – We always knew we could walk on water.”

— Lillian Heng

Prague, Czech Republic

Fall 2015

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