Partnering with Diverse International Women of Color

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Diverse International Women of Color, Inc. (DIWC) whose mission is, “to inspire, encourage and promote opportunities for women of color to travel abroad, experience different cultures and broaden their horizons beyond the United States.” Beginning in 2021, USAC will proudly provide a matching scholarship to any USAC student who is awarded a DIWC scholarship.

“USAC celebrates diversity and values its impact on the study abroad experience of our students,” said Alyssa Nota, USAC CEO. “It is a true pleasure and an honor to collaborate with Alhia D. Harris and her admirable organization, Diverse International Women of Color. We are grateful to the DIWC team for this opportunity to work together on such an important project.”

Meet Our First Recipient

We would also like to congratulate Kayla Marshall, our first DIWC/USAC scholarship award recipient. Kayla is majoring in business marketing at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Experience program and the UNLV Honors College. 

We connected with Kayla to see how the scholarship support will impact her dreams of global education:

“In this competitive career-driven world, experience is essential. I am a business major and will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and a minor in entrepreneurship during my study abroad term. The ability to witness a work environment in another country will provide me with valuable skills and knowledge that will be applied in my future career.

I am striving to become a marketing promotions specialist and an entrepreneur. To experience business practices first-hand in Santiago, Chile is a highly beneficial opportunity. I am thankful to DIWC and USAC for believing in me and for their scholarship support.

I am also looking forward to learning Spanish. Spanish is a language that will challenge me and help me grow. The ability to communicate with others in a language they understand is one of the best ways to show solidarity.

In 2022, individuals from around the world are increasing their knowledge of other cultures. By studying abroad, I will be participating in this global movement of cultural awareness and integration.”

Learn more and apply to the DIWC scholarship here.
Learn more about USAC’s commitment to access, equity and inclusion on the USAC website.