One Semester in Spain – A Lifetime Investment

Do you need to fulfill your college language requirements? Consider a semester studying abroad and partaking in one of USAC’s intensive language tracks. That’s what Chris Oram, a University of Nevada, Reno student did.

Chris headed to Madrid, Spain to fulfill his language requirements but came home with a lot more than Spanish-speaking skills. We caught up with Chris to hear more about his time in studying abroad in Madrid.

Why did you choose to study abroad in Madrid?

I chose to study abroad in Madrid to fulfill my Spanish college language requirement for my degree in International Business. However, there were still so many options to choose from, so I narrowed it down to what location I wanted to be in Central/South America or Europe? Both are fantastic options, however, being in Europe was more important to me, because I wanted to experience the culture and history of Europe while abroad. I chose Madrid because it was the capital city and the largest city.

What courses did you focus on during your time abroad?

In order to graduate with a degree in International Business from University of Nevada, Reno – I needed to take Spanish Conversation (SPAN 309) and Spanish Culture & Civilization (SPAN 321). While in Spain, I was able to take those classes along with the Track 3 courses (SPAN 305, 306, and 410) to get very close to a minor which only requires 21 credits. Since I was already at 15, it was a no-brainer for me to get the minor on top of it.

Taking the Spanish Language Track 3 I felt challenged daily, but it was not too overwhelming. I would recommend Track 3 to those with several years of Spanish exposure with confidence in their abilities. You will not do well in Track 3 if you are a beginner. Be prepared to really dive into grammatical concepts and be evaluated upon those concepts.

How have you taken your study abroad experience and integrated it into your experience returning home?

I approach life with more patience and understanding for others. I also enjoy speaking Spanish as an extra skill.

Why do you think students should study abroad?

The world is so big. I know many people come from small towns or have never traveled outside of the United States, but there is so much culture to see! We unpacked what culture means in the Intercultural Communication class and it has shown a great return on investment in my life.

If you’re ready to start your study abroad journey in Spain, explore USAC’s Spain programs.