New Zealand Makes it Easy for Student Athletes to Study Abroad

If you’re a student athlete who has dreamt of going abroad but didn’t think it was possible, we’re here to tell you to read on!

We understand that the life of a student athlete is a little different than a typical college student. While a lot of college kids spend their evenings going out with friends and enjoying nightlife, student athletes are usually up late studying. While most are sleeping in, student athletes are up early in the morning getting better at their sport. 

Yes, the discipline and work ethic that it takes to excel both in the classroom and on the field requires A LOT of big sacrifices, but studying abroad does not have to be one of them.

Studying abroad is a rewarding experience that expands people’s perspectives and helps them grow in ways they’ve never even thought of. But for student athletes, the rigorous training regiment that they must stick to can make it difficult to pursue study abroad options.

But not anymore.

USAC’s affiliate school Massey University in New Zealand has created the Global Student Athlete program at the Palmerston North campus specifically tailored to student athletes who want to go live and experience another culture while maintaining their training. 

At Massey University under the Global Student Athlete Program (GSA) students have their choice of different training sessions that coexist with their classes on the New Zealand campus. Students can choose between strength and conditioning, elite sports services, rugby, equestrian, golf, and cricket.

The GSA program is staffed with elite sportspeople of the Manawatu region and accommodates student athletes from all over the world.

Not only is Massey University home to the GSA program. The school and the country of New Zealand have so much more to offer. Located in the south Pacific, New Zealand features beautiful mountain ranges, warm beaches, and enormous cities bustling with people from diverse backgrounds. If a cultural experience is what you desire, New Zealand can provide it to you.

Student athletes don’t have to sacrifice the experience of a lifetime to maintain their peak performance. You can study and train just like you would at your homeschool. Visit your study abroad office or to learn more!