Study and Intern this Summer at London Met University

If you’ve been deciding between a summer internship and a summer study abroad, you can do both during Summer 2021 through the newest USAC term in London, England at London Metropolitan University.

This eight-week session focuses on business and U.K. studies. You can choose a four-week, course-only option or an eight-week combination with four weeks of courses and a four-week custom internship.

A group of students in London studying abroad
Photo was taken before COVID-19

Quick Facts:

  • Application deadline: May 1
  • Program start date: May 31 (if participating in optional Edinburgh tour), June 4 start date for all other participants.
  • Program end date: August 1
  • Both programs include an optional tour to Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Internships may be available in the following areas:
    • Business
    • Law
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing
    • Computing
    • Digital Media
    • Events
    • Social Care
    • Education
    • Graphic Design
    • Art Journalism
    • Sports Science
  • Courses for four-week session include:
    • Banking & Finance in the City
    • Politics in London
    • Crime in London: Myth & Reality

About London Metropolitan University

Students in London Metropolitan University during study abroad in London
Photo was taken before COVID-19

London Metropolitan University is a small public university with two urban campuses. One campus is located in the diverse North London area and the other on the edge of the city’s financial district.

The school is equipped with a state-of-the-art journalism newsroom, psycho physiological lab with monitoring software/hardware and a health clinic, and a -£30 million science center: One of the largest and most advanced science teaching facilities in Europe.

London Met combines a friendly atmosphere and a welcoming attitude alongside its quality learning experience.

Students on a field trip for art class during study abroad in London
Photo was taken before COVID-19

What’s the Difference Between USAC’s Summer Program at London Met Versus Imperial College?

If you’ve been doing your research you’ll see that USAC offers two summer programs in London; one at Imperial College and one at London Met, here are the major differences between the two.

USAC Imperial College vs London Metropolitan University Summer Study Abroad

University Imperial College London London Metropolitan University
Program Model Specialty Partnership
University Type USAC specialty program with small class sizes in central London near major museums and Hyde Park Smaller public university with two urban campuses; one in North London and the other in financial district
Program Dates Late June to Early August Summer 1 (4 week course): late May to early July

Summer II (internship): Early July to early August

Housing Residence halls, student apartment, or independent option Residence halls, student apartment, or independent option
Resident Director On-site On-site
USAC Orientation Included Included
USAC Welcome & Farewell Meals Included Included
Focus of Study Arts & Social Change U.K. Studies & Internship
Summer Courses Students enroll in one or two courses:

      • Art and Social Change
      • Belfast Field Study
      • British Politics, Brexit, and Political Transformation
      • History of Identity and Conflict
      • LGBTQ+ London
      • Literary London from Dickens to Huxley
      • Sustainable City: London
      • Theatre in London
      • U.S.-European Relations Since the Cold War
Students enroll in either Summer I or Summer 1 & II

Summer I: Courses

  • Business in London
  • Banking & Finance in the City
  • London: Diversity & Culture
  • Crime in London

Summer II: Internship Students complete an internship (4 days/wk) and reflection course (1 day/wk)

Academic Features All courses include an experiential component, which transforms London into a classroom
  • State-of-the-art journalism newsroom
  • Psychophysiological lab with monitoring software/hardware and a health clinic
  • 30 million science center: One of the largest and most advanced science teaching facilities in Europe
USAC Activities
  • Windsor & Oxford
  • Bath & Stonehenge
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Globe Theatre
  • Neighborhood tours
  • London scavenger hunt
  • Southern coast hike
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • 8-week program includes:
  • Windsor & Oxford
  • Bath & Stonehenge
Optional USAC Tour Edinburgh Edinburgh
Student Life Features
  • Access to Imperial College’s state-of-the-art sports centre, Ethos
  • Optional London-based USAC activities
  • One of the most socially inclusive universities in England
  • Students’ Union social activities and societies are open to study abroad students
  • Free gym use and exercise programs
  • Sports teams welcome visiting students
  • Volunteer placements available

Spend your summer in London

Whether you head to London for a 4-week, 5-week, or 8-week summer study abroad session with USAC, you’ll have the incredible experience of living in a big city filled with diversity, endless opportunities, and easy connections to the U.K. and Europe.

For students looking for a unique combination of an internship and coursework, check out our newest summer study abroad term at London Metropolitan University.

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