NEW PROGRAM: Comparative Latin Studies in Uruguay and Cuba

Starting summer 2021, you can experience two USAC locations during one summer session when you spend eight weeks studying abroad in Uruguay AND Cuba for a comparative Latin studies program.

Program Highlights

  • Ideal for any student, and great for students interested in health, gender studies and Spanish language
  • Have on-site staff support throughout the entire 8 weeks
  • Explore the Spanish, Italian, and African influences of the Rio de la Plata region of Uruguay, visit Buenos Aires and Palacio Legislativo, and travel to Iguazu Falls on the Optional Tour
  • Choose to live in a homestay in both locations to practice your Spanish and immerse in the local culture
  • Experience Uruguay’s vibrant, progressive and thriving culture and contrast it with Cuba’s political and historical complexities, evolution and stunning natural beauty

Students pose on the Montevideo sign during a study abroad in Uruguay. Students pose in front of popular building in Montevideo, Uruguay Two students studying abroad in Montevideo, Uruguay with the beach in the background. A group of students attends a local soccer game in Uruguay during a study abroad in Montevideo Students in Buenos Aires during a study abroad field trip. Students are studying in Montevideo, Uruguay with USAC

Two men pose for a photo during a study abroad in Cuba with USAC A group of students takes a photo in Cuba holding a USAC study abroad sign A student poses in front of the airplane museum in La Habana Cuba during a study abroad with USAC Students pose with local children in Cuba after participating in a volunteer opportunity during a study abroad with USAC A USAC student learns local Cuban Dance during a study abroad in La Habana, Cuba

Spend Five Weeks in Montevideo, Uruguay

You’ll begin this Latin studies program in Montevideo, Uruguay where you’ll spend five weeks exploring the regions vibrant, progressive and thriving culture.

In Montevideo you’ll get to choose between 3-7 credits in business, health, Latin American studies, and/or Spanish courses.

During these fives weeks, you’ll have the option to live with a host family (a great opportunity to fully immerse in the culture and learn the Spanish language), or live in apartments.

The Resident Director, Sebastian, will be on-site the entire five weeks and you’ll have the option to participate in an overnight field trip to Buenos Aires and included field trips to Palacio Legislativo where the Uruguayan parliament meets.

Spend Three Weeks in La Habana, Cuba

Next up, Sebastian will accompany you to La Habana, Cuba for the final three weeks of your Latin studies program.

In Cuba, you’ll get to choose between 3-4 credits in Latin American gender and culture, health, politics and Spanish courses.

During your study abroad in Cuba you’ll live in apartments and have the option to participate in included field trips to Terrazas Eco Community, Santa Maria del Mar Beach, and Revolution Square.

Comparative Studies Sample Course Options


  • Business Spanish, Startups and Entrepreneurship, and Health Business Administration
  • Health and Environment in Latin America
  • Spanish Language and Spanish for Medical Professionals
  • Latin American Women’s Voices and LGBTQ+ in Latin America

See Full List of Courses and Descriptions

La Habana

  • Cuban Health Care System, Government and Politics, and Latin American Social Revolutions
  • Contemporary Women’s Activism
  • Gender and Globalization and Latin American Women’s Voices
  • Spanish Language

See Full List of Courses and Descriptions

Internships and Community Service Options

USAC internships are considered courses that require written work and are taken in addition to the minimum six credit load.

Internships are available during the five-week session in Montevideo at the following locations:

Proyecto Colibri: Work with children from vulnerable neighborhoods in Montevideo. Through recreational activities, local children and young volunteers from around the world create a socio-cultural exchange.

Read a previous student’s experience at Proyecto Colibri

Mides-ASSE: Students will find activities related to prevention and healthcare in ASSE centers and public spaces, as well as recreational, expressive activities in waiting rooms.

Social Lab: Work with a network of problem solvers in the world supporting sustainable and scalable ideas of entrepreneurship.

On-Site Staff Support

Sebastian Bombi, the Resident Director for Uruguay and Cuba will be on-site the entire eight weeks of the program. He’ll even fly with you from Uruguay to Cuba.

Sebastian is a native of Uruguay and has worked with USAC since 2003.

Program Fees

$8,210* includes homestays in both locations and a $300 combination program discount.

*Program fees, prior to the applied discount, are $3,980 for the Montevideo session and $3,780 (plus $750 for housing) for the La Habana session, and are paid separately.

Deadline to Apply

Apply for this exciting new program by April 15, 2021



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