Love for healthcare and Spanish language breaks USAC San Ramón student of shy habits

The San Ramón Program has closed and all operations have shifted to Heredia.

Emmalyn Koboski, a nursing major and Spanish-language minor from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, came out of her shell and fully leaned into her foreign language skills while on her summer study abroad program in Costa Rica.

The University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) San Ramón student shared that because the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone away from social situations and she had to re-learn how to hold her own in a conversation with other people. While abroad, she had no choice but to speak — in Spanish — to others and it’s made her life significantly better. USAC host university, the Universidad de Costa Rica, interviewed Koboski as part of their 2023 Internationals Programs Fairs.

“Experiencing a diverse culture is one of the most important things I can do to connect with patients on a deeper level,” Koboski said. “Being here with USAC has been one of the best ways I’ve ever learned from and worked with a different culture with different ideas, and different opinions. And, most importantly, I’ve improved my Spanish so much since being here.”

Watch the full interview by the Oficina de Asuntos Internacionales below:

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