Introducing USAC’s New Tagline: Students Beyond Borders

All good things must come to an end, and we recently retired the USAC tagline “live without regrets, learn without borders.” This means we were on the hunt for a new tagline and who better to ask then our community of USAC staff, students, alumni, and partners. We wanted something that encompassed study abroad as well as the mission of USAC, and of course it needed to make a good hashtag. We received more than 75 submissions and took the voting to our audience and ended up with our new tagline…. (drumroll please)…..

Students beyond borders!

At USAC our mission is to provide affordable, valuable study abroad experiences. We give students opportunities to see the world, immerse in a new culture, and experience a life changing study outside of their comfort zone. Students beyond borders encompasses all of these things and more.

The winning tagline was submitted by one of our professors from the Lüneburg, Germany program, Anne-Katrin Nuzum. We spoke with Anne about her inspiration for the tagline and why she thinks it’s a perfect representation of USAC.

Anne-Katrin Nuzum is a professor for USAC in Luneburg, Germany

How long you have been teaching for USAC, and what is your role?

Born and raised in Lüneburg, I could not wait to leave this small city for the bigger world after graduating from high school. I first went to study and work in Hamburg, then went for my Masters degree in business administration at the University of Rhode Island in the U.S. I could not have imagined then that I would end up staying in Rhode Island for 13 years, finding and marrying my love, connecting with dear family and friends, and having our children there as well. In 2013 we went for a family adventure to live abroad in Lüneburg for “two years”, where we are still now.

I ended up pursuing a Bachelors degree in environmental science at Leuphana University and took several classes at the Masters in sustainability science as well. Even though I was already in my 30s then, I loved studying  at Leuphana, where you get to know your co- students, staff, and professors. USAC Germany is located at Leuphana University, so I crossed paths with our Resident Director Dr. Stefanie Seewald, who charmed me into teaching the Global Environment Class in the fall of 2018. I am now finishing my second round of teaching this class. Using a variety of writing assignments, presentations, group activities and field trips, this class aims to provide a deeper understanding of environmental and sustainability topics and their connections, as well as strengthen students’ skills in evaluating evidence.

Why do you enjoy working with USAC?

Working with USAC, in particular working with Steffi, has been a great pleasure. She is looking out for her staff, offers great tips and suggestions. Even at crazy times when the new cohort  is coming in, she remains calm and takes time for people working with her. She makes clear what the expectations and USAC’s policies are.

It seems the students appreciate how well organized the program and logistics are as well, and we can really focus on the classes. Teaching students from the U. S. who come through the USAC program has been a great joy. They come with a lot of curiosity for the topics and for Lüneburg and Germany. It appears that time is passing quickly and the semester is over so soon that many might have wished to stay for another one.

What does “students beyond borders” mean to you?

Building on previous USAC taglines and going beyond. Offering new horizons to students while putting them first. Both part of USAC’s goals and lived practice.

Please help us in welcoming our new tagline to the world by tagging #studentsbeyondborders in your photos on social media and feel free to share your study experience beyond borders with USAC for a chance to be featured on our social sites.