In The Words of Madeline, “Poo, Poo!”


Chloe is a student blogger about to set out on her study abroad adventure in Pau, France.

Bonjour and welcome to my very first blog!

As many of you know I am leaving the country in 16 days to go eat, breathe, and study in Pau, France. I am starting this blog to share my experiences abroad and to keep anyone who is interested up to date. This will also be a great way for me to keep my memories of this once in a lifetime experience. I plan to submit a new post every week including my own words and photos. I will also be using some French vocabulary here and there throughout my blog, so you might find yourself learning some French, which I do recommend!

Now, I have been planning this trip for about a year and a half. I knew coming into college I wanted to study abroad, but I never thought I would end up staying for a full academic year! My goals in France include:

1) Become fluent in French

2) Step outside of my comfort zone

3) Make new friends

4) Travel 

5) Find who I am

Although those 5 goals seem pretty easy I have to admit I am still nervous! I will be living with complete strangers in their home who speak minimal English, but that is the point! I will be taking all of my courses in French and trying to find my away around a French town with different currency and transportation, all while making new friends! How intimidating?

When I get to the point of becoming homesick or nervous I am going to think of my good friend Madeline. You know her right, the petite French cartoon? Perhaps this will help you remember,

“In an old house in Paris

That was covered with vines

Lived twelve little girls

In two straight lines.

They left the house at half-past nine,

In two straight lines, in rain or shine.

The smallest one was Madeline.”

Madeline has been my personal French tour guide for years now! The first time I heard the word, “bonjour,” as from her. Perhaps that is when my love for French started to grow, but nonetheless here I am now. Madeline may be, “teeny tiny” but, she has taught me to be brave and to say, “poo, poo!” to the small things, because really anything is possible and it is just silly to go abroad living in fear. Just like me moving my life across the ocean to live in France!

Merci beaucoup to anyone who just finished my very first blog post! I hope you plan on checking in and staying up to date with my travels while abroad.

Au revior pour maintenant!


Photo credit: dhxmedia