The USAC advantage in Australia

Griffith University estimates the student cost of living

To make planning easy, Griffith University ­— University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) Gold Coast program host institution — has provided up-to-date information about the cost of studying and living in Australia. This is the resource that international education staff use to advise students making plans to study abroad on the Gold Coast. After a bit of research, you’ll notice the advantage of studying through our nonprofit.

For students directly applying to Griffith University, the cost of studying in Australia page includes tuition, fees, flights, health insurance, and possible living expenses. However, there are unique factors that also need to be considered before going down under as well.

When a student applies through USAC, they can bypass certain criteria required by the Australian Government. For example, Griffith University student visa applicants must be able to show they have a minimum of $24,505 Australian dollars in savings (approximately $16,150 US dollars) to cover annual living costs. However, given that tuition and health insurance are covered by the USAC Gold Coast program, USAC students don’t need to show as much in savings.

USAC’s Gold Coast fees and deadlines page also has interactive budget sheets for each term, which considers similar criteria. As with all budgeting information, it’s important to consider your personal preferences. Overall, know that USAC scholarships, financial aid, and a part-time job can also help fund your study abroad journey. Set up an appointment to talk to an enrollment specialist in the Virtual Advising Hub.