From South Africa to New Zealand: New USAC Programs Across the Globe

At USAC, our goal is to provide a robust offering of study abroad locations that will allow students to explore the world on a new level while providing many opportunities for students to fully immerse themselves in unique cultures and studies across the world.

That’s why we are pleased to announce the addition of five new program locations in 2017 and 2018. Applications for these, as well as all other 2017-18 options, are open; students can apply at

Gwangju, Korea

USAC Korea: Chonnam National University Undergraduate Courses in Gwangju (now offering semester in addition to summer)

Korea continues to be a popular destination for U.S. students studying abroad, and expanding the available terms on the Gwanju program means students will now have a third semester Korea option!  Students can choose from courses in a wide range of disciplines, including business, environmental studies, health, political science, and psychology while studying in one of Korea’s most historic and culturally vibrant cities. Participants can take full advantage of field trips and cultural activities to have a truly enriching experience.

Gwanju Korea Gwanju Korea


Stellenbosch, South Africa

USAC South Africa: Stellenbosch University Undergraduate Courses (now offering summer in addition to semester/yearlong)

Summer 2017 will be the inaugural summer term for the USAC South Africa program. The Stellenbosch program allows students to create their own academic program by choosing courses in a variety of disciplines, or enroll in one of three specialized academic tracks that combine coursework, field trips, and hands-on learning experiences. The program includes an intensive social program and many field trips to ensure that students are able to experience the beauty and diversity of South Africa’s Western Cape.

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Valencia, Spain

USAC Spain: Spanish Language, Culture, and STEM in Valencia (now offering summer in addition to semester/yearlong)

Summer 2017 will also be the inaugural summer term for the USAC Valencia program. The Valencia program is an ideal location for STEM students, with coursework in Spanish language, culture, business, science, engineering, and math offered during two summer sessions. Students will live in a cutting-edge, coastal city rich in culture, and have the opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside on field trips and optional tours.

Valencia Spain Valencia Spain


Verona, Italy

USAC Italy: Italian Language, Culture, and Business Studies in Verona (now offering summer in addition to semester/yearlong)

And one more—summer 2017 will also be the inaugural summer term for the USAC Verona program. This program will offer two summer sessions that focus on Italian language, international management, business, communications, tourism and Italian studies. Located between Milan and Venice in northern Italy, Verona was designated as a UNESCO site in 2000. It is a modern, active city that has retained its beautiful history and architecture, and is home to many beautiful palaces, bridges, squares, churches, and the third-largest amphitheater in Italy after the Coliseum in Rome and the Arena in Capua.

Verona Italy verona-img_0934-usac-italy-pd


Wellington, New Zealand

USAC New Zealand: Communication and Marketing, or Disaster Risk and Emergency Management (National Expedition and Internship Program) in Wellington, New Zealand (now offering an additional academic track)

Students can now pick from one of three academic tracks: (1) Agriculture and Environment, (2) Communication and Marketing, or (3) Disaster Risk and Emergency Management. All three tracks start with a two-week National Expedition (field study) on both the North and South islands, which is followed by a four-week internship comprising an intensive course of project work, journaling, reflections, and a learning portfolio. Local experts provide the hands-on learning experience in either Hawke’s Bay, renowned for its mild climate and award-winning agriculture, or in Wellington, New Zealand’s “coolest little capital”.

nz-mt-cook-beth-milgate-pd pd-picture-05-wellington


We are constantly working to develop programs that meet the academic, personal, and career goals of today’s student, and we hope these new programs will complement the variety of programs we currently offer.

We’ll see you abroad!