From ringside to study abroad

Morgan State University student, Justin Simon, took his interest in boxing sport to a whole other level while studying in University Studies Abroad Consortium’s (USAC) Chiang Mai program

Since childhood, I’ve had a deep fascination for martial arts and the principles of self-defense. They were given to me by influential figures like my uncles who studied the discipline of combat.

Over the past year, I started my journey of boxing in the U.S. — a newfound passion I’ve wholeheartedly embraced. I have only just begun this journey, so I understand that I have a lot to learn of the sport. While it may not define my ultimate life goals, boxing remains a pursuit I’m eager to explore to my fullest potential.

While training and sparring at the campus Muay Thai gym, I’ve gained bonds with fellow Thai students who urged me to showcase my skills in the tournament and were confident in my abilities to win. The unwavering support of my counselors and peers from the USAC team and the of Thai locals I’ve encountered during my journey have been invaluable. Their encouragement has fueled my determination, propelling me to compete in my first boxing match while abroad in Thailand.

I owe my gratitude to everyone who has stood by me throughout this new experience, enriching my journey with their unwavering support. Thank you for being a core part of this remarkable chapter in my life.

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